About JSA

“We need Statesmen  . . . we do not need more highly trained minds, but more highly trained hearts.”

– Prof. E.A. Rogers, JSA Founder

The Junior Statesmen program is a proud non-profit and non-partisan organization that promotes an involvement in democracy among high-school age students. JSA was first founded in 1934, by the headmaster of the Montezuma School in California and his students, while trying to figure out how to promote an informed citizenry. In the last few decades, the JSA program has spread to more than thirty states, one of the most recent being Arizona.

Through debates and discussions, called Thought Talks, students exchange ideas on political issues both national and international. They learn more about government and the law through problem solving activities and a variety of simulations, including Junior State’s winter congresses, which are held each year.

Students organize every aspect of JSA, starting at the chapter level to state and national administration. Elected by their fellow statesmen, student leaders plan and execute all JSA’s conventions, conferences, and other events. The Arizona Territory holds Fall State and Spring State conventions, and participates in a winter congress each year. In addition, there is a symposium on Arizona politics and government each year.  Students may also participate in Junior Statesmen Summer Schools at Stanford, Georgetown University, and Princeton University.

Join JSA as we offer students the ability to cultivate a passion and a voice in the wide world of politics. By participating in and organizing these activities, students gain leadership skills, as well as a more intelligent and informed viewpoint.

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