On high school campuses across the country, there are students concerned with what is happening around them — students who are interested in politics and government, foreign affairs, the law, and education. The Junior State of America (JSA) was created by and for these students. Since its inception in 1934, more than 500,000 student members have become active, informed citizens through the Junior State.

Every year, thousands of high school students come together to debate and discuss pressing political and social issues at Junior State conventions and conferences. In cities throughout the nation, JSA holds over 40 day-long conferences and overnight, weekend conventions. These major events give students the opportunity to learn about the issues and exchange viewpoints in an open environment where opinions may be scrutinized and challenged, but are welcome and appreciated.

One Day Conferences

The Junior State of America holds several one day conferences each year.  These student-run conferences are typically held on a Saturday on the campus of a major university.  Debates, thought talks, guest speakers and simulations fill the day, just like at overnight conventions.

One Day conferences offer students a great chance to prepare for JSA overnight conventions, meet students from nearby high schools and debate and discuss topics within a unifying theme that is less broad than overnight convention themes.  Recent JSA One Day conferences have focused on law and justice, American history, elections, and foreign policy.

Overnight Conventions

A stimulating and electric atmosphere fills the convention hall at every overnight convention. Two convention cycles each year – mock congressional simulations known as “Fall Congress” and “Spring State” conventions – offer a wide range of topics and activities to engage and inform students from all backgrounds.

Mini-Conferences (Mini-Cons)

Unlike other conferences that are put together by Arizona JSA, mini-conferences are hosted and put together by local JSA high school and 8th grade chapters.  Any chapter is welcomed and encourage to put together a mini-conference. Mini-conferences last a single day, and typically host guest speakers, thought talks, debates, and other stimulating activities.

Past Speakers

A list of past event speakers is available here.

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