Past Speakers


The following individuals have spoken at one or more Junior State Arizona events:

Federal Government
Sandra Day O’Connor, Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice
John McCain, U.S Senator
Jon Kyl, Former U.S. Senator
Dennis DeConcini, Former U.S. Senator
Kyrsten Sinema, U.S. Congress Member
Ruben Gallego, U.S. Congress Member
Paul Gosar, U.S. Congress Member
Jim Kolbe, Former U.S. Congress Member

Arizona Government
Janet Napolitano, Former Governor/Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security/President of the University of California System
Doug Ducey, Governor
Ken Bennett, Secretary of State
Thomas Horne, Former State Attorney General
John Huppenthal, Former Superintendent of Public Instruction
Dean Martin, Former State Treasurer
Russell Pearce, Former State Senator
Scott Bales, Chief Justice of State Supreme Court
Rebecca White Berch, State Supreme Court Justice
John Pelander, State Supreme Court Justice
Ann Scott Timmer, State Supreme Court Justice
Michael Ryan, State Supreme Court Justice
Andrew Hurwitz, Former State Supreme Court Justice                                                                                       Steve Smith, State Representative, State Senator (elect)                                                                                    Lynne Pancrazi, Former State Senator
Many members of the Arizona State Legislature

Media and Others
Eileen Klein, Former Chief of State, Governor Jan Brewer
Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff
Darcy Olsen, President and CEO, The Goldwater Institute
Mary Jo Pitzl, Reporter, The Arizona Republic
Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Clovis Campbell Jr., Publisher, The Informant
Andrei Cherny, CEO, Aspiration, Candidate for State Treasurer and U.S. Congress, Chair, Arizona Democratic Party
Fred DuVal, Candidate for Governor

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