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Why start a chapter!

Starting a JSA chapter requires patience, dedication, and hard work, but the rewards are tremendous. A successful Junior State chapter can bring political education and involvement to an apathetic high school campus and have a huge effect on many individuals’ lives. JSAZ has student leaders ready to help you form a chapter.

Why you should join Junior State!

The Junior Statesmen program is a proud non-profit and non-partisan organization that promotes an involvement in democracy among high-school age students. JSA was first founded in 1934, by the headmaster of the Montezuma School in California and his students, while trying to figure out how to promote an informed citizenry. In the last few decades, the JSA program has spread to more than thirty states, one of the most recent being Arizona. So come join the JSA legacy, as we offer students the ability to cultivate a passion and a voice in the wide world of politics.

Forming a chapter!


Contact Arizona Junior State Governor Yesenia Montes at or our Arizona Program Director Beth Hager at for more help and information on forming a chapter.


Learn more at Junior State of America’s national web site!
Chapter start up guide!

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  1. Lori sheets says:

    Hi my name is Lori sheets and I am a teacher looking to start a chapter at my high school (independence high school) in Glendale az, I have made three attempts to contact the az office but have not heard back.m
    Please contact me at 602-516-0172 or email at

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