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2017 Campaign

New Fight Apathy Video

Gabriel Avalos, the 2017-18 National Fight Apathy Director, created this new video to showcase the power of Fight Apathy. Check it out on YouTube! Share the video, and start your own campaign today! 

Gearing up for a the 2018 Fight Apathy Season

This year, Gabriel Avalos, the National Director of Fight Apathy, decided to extend the Fight Apathy season. Rather than offering only a week or two, this year we’re dedicating an entire month to Fight Apathy! From February 26 – March…..

SoCal JSA Fights Apathy at their Fall conventions!

Students in the Pacific Northwest Fight Apathy!

About Fight Apathy

Today’s youth are the first generation to grow up surrounded by information, but still are not knowledgeable about issues and the world around them. As part of the Junior State of America’s mission to educate and prepare high school students…..