Cabinet Retreat

The Mid- Atlantic State’s year kicked off to a strong start on August 19th and 20th at the Connecticut Sheraton Stamford Hotel. Cabinet Retreat or “Cab Con” serves as an introduction to this year’s objectives; Directors and Agents meet with their respective teams under the guidance of their elected officials to form friendships adding to the strong work ethic. Additionally, members go through cabinet training and begin to prepare for conferences to ensure a smooth year.

A unique feature of Cabinet retreat is the collaboration inter region as well as interstate. At Stamford, both the Northeast State and the Mid- Atlantic State work together. This fosters new ideas and facilitates widespread discussion ultimately contributing to the improvement of JSA.

Governor Ariel Rakovitsky (MAS) and Governor Derek Lo (NES) started off together and then led their states into departmental meetings. Here, the MAS brainstormed the pros and cons of the past year and then split up into their cabinets to perpetuate the positives and to remedy the negatives. A few of the issues discussed were activism, fair attendance, moderator and debate quality, logistical issues at conventions, and chapter conferences. They reconvened at the end to share their progress and develop some continuing goals.

Along with the workload the cabinet members had their fair share of fun. Events such as pushing the Elected Officials into a pool, dinner together and pictures kept everyone feeling upbeat. However, the true highlight for many JSA’ers was the Nerf battle between the MAS cabinets and the NJR cabinets.

Cabinet Retreat is incredibly important in setting the tone for the remainder of the year. Hence, it is safe to say that the coming year is extremely promising. The whole cabinet is extremely excited for the future of JSA!

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