What to Expect: Fall One Day

The first One-Day Conference is just right around the corner!! Fall One Day is coming up on October 21st 2017 from 9AM – 4:15PM. JSAer’s will gather from all across the New Jersey Region to discuss race, religion and our role in America! 

A large part of this conference and any conference of JSA is, of course, debating! This event is a culmination of various debate topic and styles. Keep an eye out for debate styles such as Circuit Debate, Historical Debate, Crossfire Debate, Mock Trial and 180 Debate. Some debate topics that you surely don’t want to miss are:
Resolved, President Trump’s usage of Twitter is a threat to national security (Block One)
Resolved, the expansion of NATO post-Cold War is the largest factor behind Russo-American tensions in the 21st Century (Block Two)
Resolved, China’s investment into 3rd world countries is threatening U.S. and European Union global power(Block Three)
Resolved, being affiliated with a white supremacist group is grounds for firing.(Block Four)
Sign up for these great debates at: http://jsa.debateware.com/login
Aside from these gripping debates keep an eye out for the esteemed keynote speaker and other fun activities!Best of all, it’s all happening in Princeton so in the midst of all the debating you can have a great lunch in Princeton’s many restaurants – make sure to bring lunch money!
Be sure to pre register at: https://goo.gl/forms/Zy1oA7aMOa4676Iq2
and come prepared with notes, $10 registration fee and an open mind! Fall One Day is an excellent time to become familiarized with the JSA environment. We hope to see you there!

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