Fall One Day Recap

Fall One Day was a great success!! With about 600 delegates and over 40 chapters, Princeton’s McCosh hall was overflowing with ideas on race, religion and our role in America.

The event kicked off with an unforgettable opening session followed by the gripping keynote debate between Independent candidate, Gina Genorese and the Green Party Candidate Seth Kaper-Dale. Candidates presented their positions and strengths in quick opening speeches and then when on to discuss pressing issues brought up to them by JSA delegates themselves. Questions touched a variety of topics such as marginalized communities and crime rates, affordable healthcare, challenges running as a non big party candidate and affordable housing. While various differences in their platforms became apparent, there were still several agreements  the candidates reached such as on the role of big government and the large parties and their misrepresentation of many people. In addition, one popular topic that came up was standardized testing such as PARCC and how they hope to deal with it. This was a crowd favorite and resonated with many of the JSA-ers and both candidates capitalized on this question. Overall, this was a great lesson in politics as whole because while the candidates had similar goals it was the way they wanted to achieve these benchmarks that were up for debate more than the end result itself.

After watching the politicians take part in their debate it was time for the JSA-ers to put in place their own skills. Delegates flocked to their various debates ranging from international policy to homeland security and religion. At this conference several new debate styles were employed such as the 180 debate and the circuit debate.

Furthermore, being the first conference of the year Fall One Day was the perfect opportunity for many freshman to step up for the first time to speak in front of a large crowd. Many  first timers took the leap and were extremely happy with their performance. Annie Ma one such freshman described the feeling after giving her first subsequent speech as “nerve wracking at first  yet satisfying and fun by the end of it”. It’s always great to see first time JSA members taking such an initiative!

Overall, Fall One Day was extremely fulfilling and worthwhile for many alike. For pictures check here !

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