What to Expect: Fall State

The first overnight Convention is just right around the corner!! Fall State is coming up on from November 18 -19, 2017! JSAer’s will gather from all across the Mid- Atlantic State to discuss our nation and our values!

The majority of the daytime of the first and second day will be spent debating. This event features the classic debate styles such as thought talk and Pro/Con but various new ones as well. Keep an eye out for debate styles such as Devil’s Advocate, Crisis Situation, Consensus Debate and Governor’s Gavel Debate. Some debate topics that you surely don’t want to miss are:

Resolved, morality is necessarily linked to religion.(Block One)

Resolved, the Boy Scouts made the right decision in allowing girls to join the organization.(Block Two)

Crisis Situation: North Korea fires a missile into territorial US waters off Guam.(Block Three)

Resolved, STEM subjects are more important than humanities subjects.(Block Four)

Consensus debate: Resolved, abortion be banned in all cases(Block Five)

Resolved, kneeling during the national anthem is an acceptable form of protest.(Block Six)

Resolved, the government regulate drug prices.(Block Seven)

Governor’s Gavel Debate: Resolved, that America can never overcome its legacy of racial injustice.(Block Eight)

Sign up for these great debates at: http://jsa.debateware.com/login

Aside from these gripping debates keep an eye out for the keynote – a candidate from the legislative district! There will also be engaging nighttime activities to wind down after debating. This includes a dance amongst others.

In terms of food (a valid concern for many 🙂 ) the directors of logistics have come up with a fairly priced menu for any meal throughout the day. To find these options check here.

We are looking forward to hear some great debates, participate in exciting activism projects, and make new friends! If you would like to further your participation at this event, being a convention aide is a great way to do so. Apply for this at this link.. Be sure to come prepared with notes, at least 2 pairs of Western business attire (amongst other luggage), money for meals and as always an open mind! Fall State is an excellent time to truly immerse yourself in the JSA environment. We hope to see you there!

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