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Kanav Mahajan


Hey everyone! My name is Kanav Mahajan and I’m running to be your next New Jersey Region Mayor! I serve as the Co-Founder and Co-President of the North Brunswick JSA Chapter and as a Staff Editor and Writer for the Mid-Atlantic newspaper: The Liberty. Outside JSA, I serve on the national staff for Youth for National Change. As your Mayor, I would offer a fresh perspective to the NJR and address the needs of you, the people. Feel free to message me and join my campaign as we create A Future to Believe In! Vote Kanav for NJR Mayor at Spring State!

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Lana Salloum


I’m a junior at Biotechnology H.S. You might be wondering then, what a science girl is doing in JSA, and I don’t blame you because I wouldn’t have seen myself here three years ago either. But through all the diverse people I met through JSA, I’ve become a more open-minded person and I want to replicate my experience for all the JSAers to come.

With my campaign I want to make JSA better for us all by uniting chapters and making everyone feel heard to increase overall enjoyment. I hope you reach out to me with your ideas!


Aaira Bagga

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Megha Jain


My name is Megha Jain and I’m a junior at Colts Neck High School- you’ve probably heard of us by now. Throughout my high school experience, I have had the opportunity to serve on the board for my school’s MUN and Debate Club, as well as volunteer as an EMT.. I’ve also danced for 12 years; however, in the short time of 3 years, JSA has made more of an impact on my life more than any other organization ever has, which is why I’m incredibly excited to be in the running for your next NJR Mayor.



Christian Martin


Hello NJR! My name is Christian Martin and I am running to be your next Mayor! If I wanted you to know one thing about me, it is that I truly love this organization. Because I love it so much, I am determined to make sure we are functioning at our maximum aptitude. I believe that by coming together, connecting the region through a sister chapter program and orchestrating regional activism initiatives, we can increase JSA’s presence throughout New Jersey. Please reach out– I hope to hear from you!

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Junaid Farooqui


IMG_1664My name is Junaid Farooqui, and I am a junior from Marlboro High School. I currently serve as the MHS Chapter President, and the Mid-Atlantic State Director of Expansion. I got involved in JSA my freshman year and I can confidently say, coming to that first meeting in the beginning of my freshman year was the best decision of my high school career. From learning how to debate, giving me confidence, and helping me meet new people, JSA shaped my high school career and made me who I am today. I want to be your NJR Mayor because I want to bring the region I love to new heights, and I feel as though I am best suited to elevate the NJR to the next level. The NJR has so much potential to be even better than it already is, and with my experience, charisma, and passion I can lead the NJR into a new golden age.

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