Vice Mayoral Candidates

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Gurshan Gill

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Hello New Jersey Region! My name is Gurshan Gill and I am running to be your next Vice Mayor. My platform is based on ideas that will benefit all chapters in the NJR. I will implement an activism initiative where JSA members go to their local middle schools to help the younger generations become politically aware. I will maximize corporate donations by maximizing publicity by working with the MAS Liberty writers and the Director of Technology to produce articles and promotional videos that can be sent to media outlets. I look forward to meeting all of you, and as always, Gill Will!

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Nikhil Chaturvedi

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Margaret Evered


IMG_5099Hi! My name is Margaret Evered and I’m running to be your next NJR Vice Mayor. This year I served as the Chief of Staff for the Vice Mayor where I developed the skills necessary to take the NJR to new heights. As Chief of Staff, I worked on a chapter and cabinet level to ensure the NJR ran smoothly, and gained an in depth knowledge of the current problems facing the NJR. If elected Vice Mayor I would focus on chapter level fundraising, encouraging chapter level engagement, and increasing the accessibility of the MAS Liberty. Vote M.E. for V.M.

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