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Who We Are

The Mid-Atlantic State (MAS) is one of ten states that compose the Junior State of America, reaching from New Jersey to North Carolina. Within the region are three elected officials and their respective cabinets which together lead over 1,200 students.

The Gubernatorial Cabinet, led by the Mid-Atlantic State Governor, is responsible for organizing three overnight trips over the course of the year: Fall State, Winter Congress, and Spring State. Through writing debate resolutions and planning events from mock SCOTUS cases to nighttime activities, the Gubernatorial Cabinet is tasked with ensuring that conventions are enjoyable and engaging for all members.

The Lieutenant Gubernatorial Cabinet encompasses three of the most important departments in the MAS: Expansion, Fundraising, and Activism. Together these departments work to open the opportunities JSA provides to members and potential members throughout the Mid-Atlantic. A critical part of the Lieutenant Gubernatorial cabinet is the South Atlantic Cabinet, led by the South Atlantic Executive. This cabinet works with the expansion department to manage and create chapters in the South Atlantic.

Within the MAS, there are two separate regions: the New Jersey Region and the South Atlantic. The NJR has two cabinets that are responsible for communicating with chapters and planning one-day events, while the South Atlantic has one cabinet responsible for communicating with chapters.

Both Mid-Atlantic State cabinets work in tandem to communicate with chapters throughout the state and provide a high quality convention experience for all members who wish to attend. Together, they both look forward to a great year for the MAS

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