Gubernatorial Cabinet

Governor – Rohan Marwaha

Rohan Marwaha is a rising senior at the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies. An avid debater, Rohan joined the Junior State of America his freshman year and immediately fell in love with the organization. Since then, Rohan has enjoyed spending his weekends at JSA conferences amongst passionate and intelligent students from across the Mid-Atlantic State. During his sophomore year, Rohan served as the New Jersey Region Director of Public Relations. As part of his role, he secured guest speakers like Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. for New Jersey Regional events. Rohan wanted to allow JSA-ers to have the opportunity to open dialogue with individuals who play a part in determining this nation’s laws.

A graduate of the Montezuma Leadership Institute, Rohan served as the Mid-Atlantic State Director of Expansion during this past year. Leading the largest department on the Mid-Atlantic State Cabinet, Rohan has had a wonderful year. He is happy to report that with record-breaking expansion numbers, convention attendance is growing at an exponential rate. He hopes to see continued expansion into the coming year.

To Rohan, nothing is more valuable than the experience that statesmen and stateswomen have as a part of the Junior State of America. As a chapter president and a cabinet member, Rohan has always operated with the intention of ensuring that every member has the best possible experience with this organization. He plans to lead the Mid-Atlantic State with this mindset.

Outside of JSA, Rohan is very active student and citizen. He serves as the Vice-President of his township’s youth leadership council, the Vice-President of the Model United Nations Club, the Social Media Chair of his township’s Young Democrats organization, the team captain of a nationally ranked Technology Students Association TEAMS contest team, a District Director for the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council, and he is a recipient of his township’s Mayor’s Youth Award.

Rohan is honored to be serving the people of the Mid-Atlantic State as their Governor and all JSA-ers as their National Spokesperson. He looks forward to ensuring that every JSA-er has the best possible JSA experience.

Chief of Staff – Olivia Manousos

Olivia Manousos is the Gubernatorial Chief of Staff for the Mid-Atlantic State! She is a rising senior and is the Co-Chapter President of the super patriotic Kent Place Chapter! She has been doing JSA since her freshman year and has enjoyed it ever since. Outside of JSA, she spends time with her Greek family and plays volleyball and softball. She is very excited for the JSA year!

Convention Coordinator – Jacqueline Sun

Jacqueline Sun, a rising senior at Bergen County Academies, is delighted to serve as the Convention Coordinator of the Mid-Atlantic State (the best state)! She has been a part of JSA since her sophomore year and is thankful for having the opportunity to work with other members of JSA in order to ensure the success and quality of this year’s conventions. At school, Jacqueline is heavily involved in both Class Counsel and her school’s Diversity Alliance. She is interested in science, history, coding, and helping others. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, fooling around with Photoshop, jamming to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, singing in the shower, swimming, playing lacrosse, going on adventures, spending time with friends, and eating cheese snacks.

Assistant Convention Coordinator – Hadiqa Shahid

Hadiqa Shahid, also known as Deeqs, is a current junior at Secaucus High School. She is ecstatic to be serving as your next MAS Assistant Convention Coordinator. Hadiqa has been a part of JSA since her freshmen year and has been dedicated to the organization ever since. She is also very proud to be serving as Vice President in her chapter. At school, Hadiqa enjoys her APUSH class, writing and editing articles for the school newspaper, along with crushing her teammates in tennis matches (which doesn’t happen very often).
Hadiqa’s spare time is consumed by reading and re-reading books, by an unhealthy amount of ice-cream, and by coming up with a master plan to be the next Rachel Zane. Hadiqa’s determined to make this one of her most productive years in JSA; with the help of the rest of the Mid-Atlantic State, she can’t wait for it to begin!

Executive Director of Debate – Ameya Hadap

Ameya Hadap is currently a senior attending Princeton High School in the always sunny state of New Jersey. He currently serves as the Co-President of the Princeton High School chapter, and is excited to start serving on the Mid-Atlantic State Gubernatorial #SaveTheBall Cabinet as Executive Director of Debate. When not participating in JSA, you can find him playing basketball, playing the saxophone, listening to music, or sleeping- well, mostly just sleeping. If he’s not doing one of these four things, then he has probably gone missing, in which case it would be wise to contact the authorities. He takes pride in his ability to pretend that he knows what he’s doing.

Director of Debate – Justin Greenman

Justin Greenman serves as an MAS Director of Debate. He is also a senior and Chapter President of his J.S.A. chapter at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School. Besides JSA, Justin is a Youth Secretariat in his school’s Model U.N. chapter and a Junior Assistant ScoutMaster and Eagle Scout in Boy Scout Troop 33. For fun, he plays the Tenor Saxophone in his school’s band, as well as the guitar outside of school and enjoys a Sunday Religious class in Judaism that he partakes in. When in need of a break from the stress of school and college decisions (which is often), Justin loves watching the Big Bang Theory, The Goldbergs, and Madam Secretary or fencing. He loves spending time with his family and friends and looks forward to a wonderful year with the rest of the Mid-Atlantic State.

Director of Debate – Aaira Bagga

Aaira Bagga, a Junior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North, has been an active member of JSA since her freshman year. She has previously served as a CIA agent and currently serves as the DoD on the MAS Gubernatorial cabinet. She also serves as the Vice President of her school chapter. Outside of JSA, Aaira is part of her school’s robotics team and is the founder of Future STEM girls, a club devoted to educating young girls in her community about the various aspects of STEMs. To escape the stresses of Junior year, she enjoys listening to music, playing soccer, and the clarinet. Aaira is incredibly passionate about this wonderful organization and looks to create the same comfortable and inviting atmosphere that she experienced, for newcomers. She further aims to make debates diverse and organized this upcoming year.

Director of Communications – Liam Coohill

Liam Coohill currently serves the Mid Atlantic State Director of Communications and is looking forward to a great year in the MAS. He is a Senior at the Bergen County Academies where he serves as School President and is enrolled in the Academy for Business and Finance. Liam has been involved with JSA since his freshman year and is a graduate of the New Jersey Institute on Leadership and Politics. On the chapter level, Liam is the Director of Activism and the State Assembly Representative for BCA JSA. He loves debating and has an immense interest in monetary policy and is on the Fed Challenge team in addition to JSA. He has also been involved with multiple political campaigns, which has been a great experience for him. In addition to finance, politics and debating, Liam is an avid golfer and saver of the ball.


Nikko Markakos is a Junior at Conestoga High School and is serving his second year on cabinet as your Gubernatorial Director of Communications. He is excited to bring controversial and exciting speakers to conventions this year as well as saving the ball. Nikko is also a contributing member of the Republican community and serves as the Vice-President this year in his school’s Young Republican’s club. Nikko is also very involved with the culture clubs in his school, he’s on the board for Italian Culture Club and the President and Founder of the Greek Culture Club. In his free time you can find Nikko hanging out with his friends, going to the movies, reading about history, playing soccer, and getting in long vitriolic facebook arguments about Alexander the Great’s heritage and the Greek Financial Crisis. Nikko is very proud to be Greek and Italian and loves his heritage, however there’s no country he loves more than the United States of America.

Director of Logistics – Jamaica Ponder

Jamaica Ponder has been a member of the MAS Gubernatorial cabinet for two years and is also an active member of JSA at the chapter level. Outside of JSA she is a two sport, varsity athlete, and the leader of Princeton High School’s improv troupe, Just Wing It. Going into her senior year at Princeton High, Jamaica is excited to continue her involvement in her school’s newspaper, The Tower as well as continuing to write for her blog, which gained international recognition this past year for being straight savage. In addition to being heavily involved in JSA, Jamaica is a district director for the Campaign for Presidential Youth Council and is also a member of the board Not In Our Town, a Princeton based organization which focuses on promoting diversity and eliminating racism. Jamaica is a strong believer in social justice and activism and intends on bringing her experience and passion to the MASS Gubernatorial Cabinet this year.


Ari Feuer, a junior at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Maryland, is super excited to again be on cabinet! Ari enjoys talking about pretty much anything, watching his Red Sox win (rarer than he’d like) and going out with his friends. At school, Ari is in the debate club and writes for the school newspaper, The Lion’s Tale. Ari joined JSA for his freshman year of high school and enjoys conversing with people of other political leanings and perspectives. He also likes that JSA provides a forum to share his own ideas in an environment where they can be critiqued and responded to by people from all over the mid-Atlantic. He looks forward to helping others get to conventions and get involved in other ways so they can have the same great experience he has had!

DIRECTOR OF Technology – ARIel Rakovitsky

Ariel Rakovitsky, a junior in the Science and Engineering Program at Manalapan High School, is serving his second year on cabinet as Director of Technology. Besides his favorite club, JSA, Ariel is also involved in a Free Thinkers Society, the Technology Student Association, and Science League. He is also involved in the youth body at his local synagogue and runs track. Ariel is immensely passionate about philosophy, economics, and computer science; debate and listening to music are also favorite pastimes of his. As Director of Technology, Ariel plans on improving the Mid-Atlantic website, integrating and improving the JSApp, and making use of more communication channels, such as Slack and Remind.


Director of Special and Nighttime Activities – Robert Kimelman

Robert Kimelman is currently a senior at Secaucus High School, serving on the Mid-Atlantic State #SaveTheBall Gubernatorial Cabinet as your Director of Special and Nighttime Activities. He has been in JSA since freshman year, during which he has attended a JSA Summer School and has been actively involved in his local chapter. Robert plans to expand and apply his skills and knowledge on the regional level and put his best efforts into his final year of JSA. He wishes to diversify and enrich the JSA experience by making the special and nighttime activities a bit more “special.” He is an avid fitness and health enthusiast and athlete, and finds passion and pleasure in conducting scientific research, stock investing, futuristic thought, and spending quality time with his friends and family. He believes there are four core pillars to life: health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Convention Aide Coordinator – Johnathan Perino

DSC08631Johnathan Perino is a second year cabinet member. Last year he served as an Lieutenant-Gubernatorial Cabinet member and worked to start new chapter across the MAS. When not at conventions John takes it from mild to wild hanging out with his friends, saving the ball, and enjoying the outdoors. John is also a varsity wrestler, rows on his school’s crew team, and runs cross country. He hopes to serve the MAS well this year and help conventions run smoothly.

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