Gubernatorial Cabinet

Ariel Rakovitsky

Ariel Rakovitsky is a senior at Manalapan High School and is proud to serve as the Mid-Atlantic Governor this year. Ariel previously held the positions of NJR and MAS Director of Technology. He also attended the 2015 JSA Georgetown Summer School and served as Manalapan JSA’s Secretary and Vice President. He is excited to help shape the future of JSA in his fourth and final year in the organization. Outside of JSA, Ariel is an avid economics and computer science geek. He loves reading, tinkering with electronics, and having a juicy steak with friends. He hopes to make conventions and conferences as beginner-friendly as possible this year – while making all convention activities engaging, challenging, and rewarding. Ariel hopes to shape this JSA year along the lines of Whitman, “That the powerful play goes on, and [we] may contribute a verse.”

Laura BoyaJian
Chief of StafF

Laura Boyajian, a senior, proudly serves as the Mid Atlantic State Chief of Staff. In previous years, she has held the positions of CIA Agent, Vice Mayoral Chief of Staff, and NJR Vice Mayor. The only thing Laura loves more than JSA is ice cream and her feelings towards this wonderful organization can be summarized by the Leslie Knope quote, “I care. I care a lot. It’s kinda my thing.” She’s thrilled to be working with a comp sci genius (Ariel), the future first female president (Olivia), most hard working coco (Lana), and a poetic noble land mermaid and the best chief of staff pal (Margaret).



Lana Salloum
Convention Coordinator

This is Lana’s second year on cabinet and as the best chapter’s co-president, and she is beyond excited to be serving as the convention coordinator. She hopes to follow in the large, illustrious footsteps of the one and only Jackie Sun, Queen Coco. Outside of JSA, you can find Lana running her student government, taking out her anger at taekwondo, or researching something sciencey. On the weekends you can find Lana in a lab coat and gloves at the hospital or running her program stem into STEM. Yes, she loves science as much as she loves bad puns. She can’t wait to bring the MAS to amazing heights this year and have as many people fall in love with this organization.



BellA Phillips
Assistant Convention Coordinator

Bella Phillips is currently a Junior at Princeton High School, and she is so excited to be a part of JSA Cabinet! She has been a part of JSA since Freshman year, and looks forward to serving as the Assistant Convention Coordinator to help improve the JSA conventions and meet more people in the JSA community. At School, Bella is a member of Model United Nations and Lincoln-Douglas debate as well. She is also the leader of the Ted-ed club, and she is currently serving as the Junior Class President. Her favorite classes are English History, and her independent research class where she is analyzing human rights violations on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Outside of school, Bella plays flute and also participates in two sports. In her free time (when she has it), Bella likes to do yoga, make acai bowls, hang out with her friends, look at art, and go on vacation!

Christian Martin
Executive Director of Debate

Christian Martin is a Junior at Princeton High School. When not dreaming about ice cream or binge watching House of Cards, he will argue about anything with anyone. Christian joined JSA his second day of high school and served as a Director of Debate on Mayoral cabinet, and now serves as the Executive Director of Debate for the Mid-Atlantic State. He hopes this year to use his position to help ever JSAer find what it is they are truly passionate about.




Director of Debate

Ezra Loeb is a Senior at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School and is excited to serve as this year’s Mid-Atlantic State Director of Debate. Often asked if JSA stands for the Jewish Student Association, Ezra questions why a Jewish Day School would need to have a Jewish Student Association. Ezra is also a co-founder of his school’s Jewish Conservatives Club. Now why would a Jewish School need to label their Conservatives Club as “Jewish”? Ezra is launching an investigation to find out. Stay tuned.




Director of Debate

Brian Kehoe is serving this year as the MAS Director of Debate. Last year he was the NJR DOD, and he is excited to continue working hard to make debates at conventions engaging, contentious, and fun. Aside from JSA, his hobbies include listening to music–especially indie, introspective stuff (artists like Lil’ Pump, Ugly God, etc.), and arguing with people about their most deeply held convictions at inopportune times. He is talented, intelligent, driven, and most of all, humble.




Amanda Milo

Amanda Milo is a rising senior at Freehold Township High School and has served as her chapter’s Secretary, Director of Debate Education, and the NJR Director of Activism. This year she is excited to be serving as your MAS Director of Debate. She has been in JSA since she was a freshman and has never missed a regional or state convention. When she is not serving as your Director of Debate, she is busy being a die hard Yankee fan, binge watching her favorite shows (Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, Parks and Rec), and drawing. You will usually see Amanda wearing a dress every day, even in the winter time. Outside of JSA, she is serves on the board of various clubs at her school such as Quaestor of the Latin Club, Treasurer of Habitats for Humanity, and more. She can’t wait to serve on the 2017-2018 Gubernatorial Cabinet and encourages fellow JSAers to approach her about debate topics!


Sam Harshbarger is serving as Gubernatorial Director of Debate in the coming year, and is beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve his first term in cabinet this year! He is also serving as Princeton High School Chapter Vice President. He is a junior at Princeton High School, and aside from JSA enjoys reading, traveling, and hanging out at Small World Coffee. He is a prolific retweeter and enjoys staying up to the minute on politics and current policy issues, particularly regarding U.S.-Russia relations, European politics, and trade.





Ankit Patel is a senior and Chapter President at the Middlesex County Academy. He is looking forward to yet another great year at JSA on the Mid-Atlantic State Gubernatorial Cabinet. Ankit loves debating and does so both inside and outside JSA’s walls. He also likes to participate in Model United Nations, often traveling to many national conferences. When he isn’t preparing for those or JSA by reading up on the latest world affairs, you can catch him playing soccer, running track, or preparing for a Spartan Race. If the weather isn’t as nice out you can find him inside on the Internet playing video games, watching videos on YouTube whether about said video games or history, or watching his favorite shows (he watches Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Westworld, Man in the High Castle, Gotham, Better Call Saul, to name a few, but he’s willing to add more to his list). He looks forward to making new friends in the coming year!

Nate Prisco
Director of Communications

Nathaniel Prisco is currently a senior attending Biotechnology High School and lives in Holmdel, New Jersey. Entering his fourth year of JSA, Nate is honored to serve as the Mid-Atlantic State’s Director of Communications. Besides JSA, Nate is Chief of his local police department’s Explorer program, destroys the competition in his school’s Academic Team, rows with his local club team, and shreds it on the bass in multiple jazz bands. It is believed by some that Nate has 48 hours in a day, as he is always learning new things and acquiring new skills. In his free time, one may catch Nate smoking ribs or making music. Both on and off the debate floor, Nate is a strong proponent of free market principles as well as scientific progress. Working with such an outstanding cabinet, Nate is confident that the 2017-18 year is going to be the best year yet and cannot wait to be a part of it.


Neha Lund is a senior at Manalapan High School who is super excited to be serving her second year on cabinet as Director of Communications. She has been in JSA since her sophomore year, where she’s held positions on both the state and chapter level. In school, she is involved in Special Strides, Free Thinkers Society, Class Council, and Peer Leadership, and loves learning about government, history, literature, and science. Outside of school, she plays the violin (8 years going strong), works on campaigns intended to bring more youth involvement to politics, and writes for an online magazine. In her free time, she loves to travel with her family, watch the newest Vice documentary, advocate for women’s rights, try new #eats, and obsess over her planner.


Director of Logistics

Madison Richmond is excited to be serving on cabinet as the MAS Co-Director of Logistics. Madison is currently a Senior at Princeton High School and previously served on the Vice-Mayoral Cabinet as Editor-in-Chief of the MAS Liberty. Born in Australia, Madison enjoys visiting her family down under and swimming on Bondi Beach. Aside from JSA, Madison is a Peer Group Leader, Corner House student leader, and the Editor-in-Chief of her school’s film publication, 151MM. Her other interests include dank memes, Frank Ocean, obscure documentaries, NJ Transit, and of course, Slack.




Megha is a senior at Colts Neck High School (unfortunately) and is super excited for her second year on cabinet serving as your MAS DoL! She joined JSA because of her immense passion for politics and debate and cannot believe that it is now her fourth and final year in the organization. In her free time, she is also the Cadet Sergeant for her local EMT squad and an Indian Classical dancer and assistant teacher. She can’t wait to see the new heights JSA reaches this year as each cabinet member brings new skills to the table.




DIRECTOR OF Technology

Aarushi Parashar is a senior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North. After attending numerous conferences, Aarushi improved as a speaker and now strives to create the same experience for newcomers by serving as the MAS Director of Technology. This is her second year on cabinet – she has previous served as the NJR Director of Technology. She also currently serves as her chapter’s treasurer. When she is not on the computer learning new programming languages, she can be found watching movies, reading Harry Potter or trying out new recipes. She also fences on her school team and competes in mixed martial arts tournaments. She is extremely excited to make the MAS more efficient and connected through technology as the  Director of Technology for the 2017- 2018 school year!



Samara is extremely excited to start her first year on cabinet as the director of graphic design. She is the founder and president of her school’s chapter, and is really looking forward to contributing to JSA on a larger scale. She’s also heavily involved within her school. She has served on her student council, writes for her school newspaper, and is an active member of the school’s community service club. In her free time, she interns at a dentist’s office and makes Spotify playlists for every possible occasion. As a part-time DJ and a full-time lover of Kendrick Lamar, she’s ready to give JSA everything she has to offer.



Director of Special and Nighttime Activities (SANTA)

Nikko Markakos is a man who goes by many names: that greek kid, former president, and the guy who gets in debates with Sarah Baum on Facebook. He serves as this year’s SANTA and aims to keep things jolly during nighttime activities by actually making the dances fun and by making sure the other activities don’t fall apart after five minutes. He spends his free time going to the gym, chilling with the boys, and partying. He also has a leadership position in Young Republicans and participates in other clubs like the Ski/Snowboard Club, Astronomy Club, Philosophy Club, and the Junior Classical League. Overall, he hopes to bring an excellence never before seen to the SANTA position this year and to make it memorable for everyone. 


Convention Aide Coordinator

John Perino is a rising senior at Leonia High School and a fourth year JSA member. This is John’s third year on cabinet. He first as an expansion agent under Ian Baum his sophomore year then as Convention Aide Coordinator under Rohan Marwaha then under Ariel Rakovitsky. John is also an expert Nerf marksman and spends his free time participating in the varsity wrestling and cross-country teams. He hopes to serve the MAS well this year in his second tenure as Convention Aide Coordinator.




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