Lieutenant Gubernatorial Cabinet

Lieutenant Governor – Daniel Zhao

DSC09032Daniel Zhao

Chief of Staff – Olivia Vladyka

DSC08871Olivia Vladyka is a junior at Bergen County Academies. She is passionate about debate, government, law, and international relations. During her school day she can be found writing for her school’s current event paper or working in volunteer clubs as well as JSA. In addition, Olivia always tries to stay informed about political issues and is often watching speeches by her favorite politicians (especially Joe Biden) or reading about the election. Olivia is passionate about Jsa; she served as a CIA last year and is a graduate of Georgetown Summer School Constitutional Law Class of 2016 and the 2016 Montezuma Leadership Summit. In her free time, Olivia enjoys reading, drinking tea, watching Parks and Rec, and having debates with her friends. She currently serves as President of the best chapter in the Mid Atlantic state, too. She looks forward to working with the LTG cabinet in the upcoming year!!!

South Atlantic Executive – Ben Shrock

DSC08918Ben Shrock serves as the South Atlantic Executive. This is Ben’s second year on cabinet, serving as a Capitol District Director last year. He is a junior at CESJDS. He is the captain of his school’s volleyball team and is also on the Debate Team. He enjoys playing piano and drawing. When he isn’t viciously scheming a revolt against the New Jersey Region, he may be seen messing around, pushing a clown, or trying to get down. He can be seen dancing or romancing. Hopping. Dropping. Sopping wet. Playing the hero. Eating a gyro. Dueling. Drooling. Admiring someone’s cool bling. But mostly JSA stuff.

President Pro Tempore – Zachary Schapire

DSC08740Zack Schapire is the President Pro Tempore of the State Assembly and super excited to join cabinet for the first time this year! He is a senior and is currently serving his second term as Princeton High School JSA chapter president. Previously in JSA, Zack has been chapter Vice President and state assembly representative. His other JSA experience includes that this past summer Zack was delighted to attend the JSA summer school at Georgetown where he studied constitutional law with Dr. Danny Adkison. Outside of JSA, Zack enjoys to sing, he participates in three different vocal groups at his school as well as taking private lessons for the past 5 years. He also coaches his former middle school’s Science Bowl team and tutors chemistry, math, and biology at his high school.

Director of Expansion – Junaid Farooqui

DSC08822Junaid Farooqui is a junior from Marlboro High School. He enjoys receiving approval from others and will always yell ‘GAAAAS’ when he is excited or happy about something. Some common phrases that he utilizes are: ‘Dumb lit’, ‘Type lit’, ‘GAAAS’, ‘Dumb GAAAS’, etc. He comes from a line of Marlboro greats such as the one and only Ian Baum, the extravagant Arun Sinha, the small Ambika Sinha, and Sarah ‘I’m Vegan’ Baum. He is very excited to be serving as the MAS Director of Expansion, and is looking forward to spreading the beautiful disease that is JSA.

Director of Expansion – Shruthi Katipally

DSC08781Shruthi Katipally is a rising junior at South Brunswick High School. This year will be her second year on cabinet as last year she served as a Chapter Internal Affairs Agent. She loves fries so hit her up:)

Expansion Agent – Freddie Hayeck

Freddie Hayeck

Expansion Agent – Dev Patel

imageedit_1_3733146797Dev Patel is a sophomore at the Middlesex County Academy and is looking forward to an amazing second year in JSA. No longer a rookie in the world of debates and politics, Dev is excited to serve the Mid-Atlantic State in his first year on cabinet. Dev looks to make the leap to the next level and he strives to become an elite debater. Dev regularly follows up on recent political events to expand his arsenal for use during the JSA year. In his free time (if he gets any), Dev likes to give back to his local community by volunteering at the Special Olympics; an event whose purpose is to provide an enjoyable experience for individuals who aren’t given the opportunity often due to their unfortunate health conditions. All in all, Dev would love to meet many new people this coming year, and wishes all fellow JSA colleagues the best of luck.

Expansion Agent – Victoria Murphy

DSC08833Senior Victoria Murphy is excited to be serving on MAS Lieutenant Gubernatorial cabinet as expansion agent for the 2016-2017 year. She is chapter president of the Old Mill High School Chapter and is involved in interfaith, Spanish and national honors society. She likes planning fundraisers and contributing ideas to Old Mill’s SGA and anticipates running for office this year. She spent her summer working in the school building or laying out at the beach and was, somehow, never tan. She is most commonly found suffering cruel and unusual punishment in the International Baccalaureate Programme and in her free time enjoys re-watching old episodes of Criminal Minds, laughing at other people’s Twitter arguments and making the best sandwiches ever constructed.

Expansion Agent – Joey Shoyer

Joey Shoyer is a junior at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School and is looking forward to serving on cabinet this year. Joey has been involved with JSA since his freshman year, and is currently one of his school’s chapter presidents. He is involved with his school’s newspaper and debate team. Joey enjoys playing the sport of Ultimate and is his team’s captain at home. Among his interests are engineering and computer science. He hopes to pursue these interests and one day become an ornithologist. In his life, Joey hopes to emulate the brilliance of R. Kelley’s music, but not his decisions. Joey Shoyer makes a mean quiche. He fell under some hard times following the destruction of the second temple, but has since bounced back and is ready to make a real difference as an Expansion Agent.

Expansion Agent – Gabriel Johnson

DSC08936Gabriel Johnson is a Junior at Conestoga High School, and is immensely excited to serve as an Expansion agent for the Mid Atlantic State in the 2016-2017 year. Gabriel is involved in 9 other clubs and organizations besides JSA at his school, and also helps lead a youth outreach program. Gabriel joined JSA at the beginning of his sophomore year, and this is his first appointment to cabinet. One of Gabriel’s favorite parts of JSA is dressing up for the occasion. An avid follower of the fashion world, Gabriel enjoys pairing up his best navy suit with his cleanest white Nike socks. Now that he is on cabinet, Gabriel is elated that he can now be referred to as mildly elitist by ‘them’; aka the people who don’t want you to succeed.

Director of Fundraising – Mariam Nadi

Mariam Nadi is a rising junior at South Brunswick High School. She is extremely happy to be serving on the Lieutenant Gubernatorial Cabinet as the Mid-Atlantic State Co-Director of Fundraising after having had the opportunity to serve on the Vice Mayoral Cabinet as the New Jersey Regional Director of Fundraising. Mariam is passionate about politics and international affairs. She is part of her schools JSA chapter where she serves as the Secretary. She is also into humanitarian activism and is part of the Amnesty Organization where she helps raise money for those less fortunate. Mariam is always eager to chat and discuss current events with anyone portraying her opinions from hearts and backed with facts. In her free time, she can be found babysitting as she loves younger children, if not she may just be at your local senior center having a chat with the beloved Senior community. Apart from that, Mariam loves taking time out of her day to relax and practice art, whether it be sketching or painting a portrait. She enjoys sports such as taekwondo and is happy to care for her younger brothers and looks forward to extracurricular events! She is super excited for a successful JSA year ahead and cannot wait to meet all her fellow JSAers!

Director of Fundraising – Neha Lund

DSC08812Neha Lund is super excited to serve as your MAS Co-Director of Fundraising this upcoming year! A rising junior at Manalapan High School, where this previous year was her first in JSA, she absolutely fell in love with it, and now serves as treasurer of her awesome chapter. In school, Neha is also involved with Special Strides, Free Thinkers Society, and loves English, science, and philosophy. Outside of school, she volunteers regularly, is a violinist in her local orchestra, and is an ambassador for Girl Rising. She loves traveling, all things Disney, Beethoven, dogs, outer space, and binge watching Netflix. Being a foodie, she loves trying new foods from all different places and cultures, some of her favorites being shrimp, curly fries (oh so fancy), and Fettucine Alfredo. She is so thrilled to be on cabinet this year and hopes to make a real impact on the MAS!

Fundraising Agent – Savannah Gajda

DSC08734This is Savannah Gajda (you can call her “Sav”), an upcoming Fundraising Agent eager to serve on the Lieutenant Gubernatorial Cabinet for the Mid-Atlantic Region! Sav is a full-time student, dancer and manager. She is in the Law and Public Safety Academy at the Academies @ Englewood. Savannah is a graceful dancer, participating in her school’s dance recitals, annually (catch her on Dancing with the Stars one day). On top of this, Sav’s favorite thing to do is go to football practice everyday. She’s not the next Peyton Manning because she’s usually on the sideline taking stats, a job many football team managers are familiar with. Sav keeps up with football religiously, following college recruitment, NFL drafting, and anything else there is to know about the sport. She has been a Giants fan for 10 years and loves Odell Beckham Jr. because he enjoys football and dance, two interests they share!

Fundraising Agent – Roshan Setlur

DSC08932Roshan Setlur

Director of Activism – Carlie Hackmann

DSC08794Carlie Hackmann is the president (and resident mother) of Howell High School’s JSA chapter. She’s extremely excited to be working as the co-director of activism for this year. Besides stressing over the impending doom that is senior year, Carlie enjoys binge watching romantic comedies, marvel superheroes, and fighting meninist zombies on twitter.

Director of Activism – Sarah Baum

DSC08763Sarah Baum, a junior at Marlboro High School, is excited to be serving as an MAS Director of Activism after a successful two-year long effort to absorb her sibling and establish herself as the the Alpha Baum (all hail). She has worked as a Chapter Expansion Agent, a State Expansion Agent, a staff writer and Publicity Director for JSA’s national paper, JSA TODAY, and was the Campaign Manager for the NJR’s current mayor, Ambika Sinha. When she is not plotting world domination, Sarah enjoys long walks on the beach, the theatrical arts, and telling everyone she is a vegan. She is dedicated, passionate, and the bags under her eyes are Michael Kohrs.

Director of Summer School Promotion – Karen Douyon

DSC08801Karen Douyon is ecstatic to be the MAS Director of Summer School Promotions for this school year! She is a rising senior at Villa Victoria Academy and will also serve as the Director of Fundraising for her chapter. This will be her second year in JSA and says the moment she stepped into her first meeting Karen immediately fell in love with JSA. Karen participates in three varsity sports, Girl Scouts, Jack and Jill, has over 1000 community service hours, and is running for student council president. She loves to talk to anyone willing to listen and enjoys being in leadership positions to encourage her peers.

Keystone-Diamond District Director – Trevor Johnson

DSC08894Trevor Johnson is a Junior at Conestoga High School. Trevor joined JSA as a sophomore and hasn’t looked back since. At JSA events Trevor enjoys posting memes on the JSApp and reading green eggs and ham by Dr. Suess. Outside of JSA Trevor enjoys watching the notebook and going for long walks on the beach @TheLadies. Trevor is very excited about being the KDD Director. Trevor also enjoys sailing around the world on his yacht, hanging out with the king of Saudi Arabia, and lying about his life and activities in bios on the Internet. Words commonly used to describe Trevor are:

Capital District Director – Becky Shade

DSC08844Senior Becky Shade is excited to be MAS Capital District Director and VP of Old Mill’s robust chapter. A triplet and youngest of six siblings, she has been sharpening her roasting skills in order to win the quadrennial family shade-throwing gauntlet and finally become alpha female. Becky and her Destination Imagination teammates are many-time regional and state champions and Global Finalists, currently possessing 8th place in the world for being cool creative fine arts and engineering cats. She is an International Baccalaureate student, a zesty member and/or leader of her school’s steel drum band, It’s Academic, and Math, Music, Spanish, Art, and National Honor Societies, plays and performs piano, and loves the musical Hamilton. She also raps about and makes mean green guacamole, volunteers as archery teacher and mad bullseye shooter over the summer, and founded her school’s Blackjack Team, in which students practice card counting, the somewhat-illegal sport.

Capital District Director – Ezra Loeb

DSC08787Ezra Loeb, a junior at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, is this year’s Capital District Director. Ezra is excited to further JSA’s greatness in his first year on the Mid-Atlantic State Cabinet. When Ezra first joined JSA in his freshman year of high school, he was looking for a place to talk, discuss, and debate many of the current issues facing his country. However, now going into his third year participating in JSA and his first as a member of the Mid-Atlantic State Cabinet, his reasons for staying have grown far beyond his original intentions. To Ezra, JSA is a place where many different viewpoints come together. JSA offers Ezra a place where he can learn, contemplate, and discuss opinions that are the polar opposite of his own. In addition to climbing the JSA ranks, Ezra is also a rock climber who competes on the national level.

North Carolina District Director – Cody Waller

Cody Waller

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