Lieutenant Gubernatorial Cabinet


Lieutenant Governor

Olivia Vladyka is a senior at Bergen County Academies. She was formerly a CIA agent, LTG Chief of Staff, and BCA Chapter President. Olivia is currently a senior advisor for her school’s chapter. Besides JSA, Olivia is a member of her school’s diversity alliance and is a senior editor of her school’s current events paper. In her free time Olivia enjoys reading about constitutional law, drinking tea, and obsessing over that famous picture of young Joe Biden.  Her personal hero is Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she loves bonding over Parks and Rec with Gub Chief of Staff, Laura Boyajian. She has known Ariel since before his now famous glow up and looks forward to working with everyone in the wonderful Mid Atlantic State (especially her wonderful chief of staff, Margaret Evered).   


Margaret evered
Chief of Staff

Margaret Evered is proud to serve as the Chief of Staff to the Lieutenant Governor. A graduate of Georgetown Summer School and previous Vice Mayoral Chief of Staff, she looks forward to working on improving the MAS in this new capacity. An avid meme connoisseur, she loves sharing and debating the finer points of political memes. Evered hopes to live in D.C. one day and have the inside scoop of all the drama on the Hill. Here’s to an amazing year!




Yasheel Pandya
President Pro Tempore

Yasheel Pandya serves as the MAS President Pro Tempore of the State Assembly and is thrilled about joining cabinet this year! He is a senior and serves as Vice President of the most robust chapter in the nation: Manalapan JSA. He has previously served his chapter as State Assembly Representative and Director of Debate. He has an aching passion for politics, science, and music. He loves Tex-Mex, fajitas, and is always down for Taco Bell or Chipotle. During the school day, you can find him scrambling over a physics problem, reading about past presidential elections, or trying to speak Spanish. Yasheel aims to be a Renaissance Man and hopes to make a real difference in his community. In his free time, when he’s not enjoying Mexican food, he’s singing, reading, jamming out to Bollywood songs, or binge watching House of Cards.


Gabe Johnson
Director of Expansion

Gabriel Johnson is a Senior at Conestoga High School, and is very excited to be serving in his second year on the Mid-Atlantic State Cabinet. Gabriel previously served as an Expansion Agent, and will now be functioning in the role of Director of Expansion. Gabriel joined JSA his sophomore year, and was immediately enamored with the organization; both on the chapter level and state-wide. In addition to his role in expansion, he is his chapter’s vice-president and studied International Relations at JSA Summer School 2017. Outside of JSA, he is involved in various clubs and organizations ranging from things like Student Council to investment groups. In his free time he enjoys long walks on the beach with the lady, and C.A.C.O.O. with the boys.


Dev Patel
Director of Expansion

Dev Patel is currently a junior at the Middlesex County Academy where he serves as Co President of the JSA Chapter. He is looking forward to an amazing third year in JSA. No longer a rookie in the world of debates and politics, Dev is excited to serve the Mid-Atlantic State in his second year on cabinet. Dev looks to make the leap to the next level and he strives to become an elite debater. Dev regularly follows up on recent political events to expand his arsenal for use during the JSA year. In his free time (if he gets any), Dev likes to give back to his local community by volunteering at the Special Olympics; an event whose purpose is to provide an enjoyable experience for individuals who aren’t given the opportunity often due to their unfortunate health conditions. All in all, Dev would love to meet many new people this coming year, and wishes all fellow JSA colleagues the best of luck.

Rohan Gohel
Expansion Agent

Rohan Gohel is a senior at Marlboro High School. He can be found in the mornings working out and reading the paper, but in the afternoon playing tennis or baseball. Rohan loves politics, as he studied American Politics at Georgetown University for one week. He currently interns for Monmouth County Democrats, and assists in all LD-11 elections. Rohan loves to surf, as it is his favorite past-time. JSA has really changed his life for the better. After a year of active involvement, passionate debate, and learning, JSA is really something that he holds close to his heart. Rohan is the Treasurer of Marlboro High School chapter and an Expansion Agent on the Lieutenant Gubernatorial Cabinet. He looks forward to spreading the joy of JSA to as many as possible.


Casey Chan
Expansion Agent

Casey Chan is a junior at Bergen County Academies. She is extremely excited to be serving as an Expansion Agent, and enjoys any time that she devotes to JSA-related activities. In the past, she has been involved in BCA’s chapter as the Director of Debate and will be the Director of Activism in the coming year. In her free time, she fences competitively, sings for a band, and writes for the school newspaper. On a normal day, she can also be found recommending Parks and Rec to everyone she knows and listening to Chance the Rapper. Casey looks forward to working with the Lieutenant Gubernatorial Cabinet in the upcoming year!



Anne Chu
Expansion Agent

Anne Chu, a sophomore at Biotechnology High School, is super excited to be apart of cabinet as an expansion agent for JSA this year!  This will be her second year participating as an avid member of JSA and she will also be the Director of Recruitment for her chapter this year.  Outside of JSA, Anne is a part of numerous clubs including Students of Service and Academic Team (JSA is her favorite club).  She also loves to eat, sleep, snowboard, and dance on the Holmdel High School team.  In addition, she enjoys procrastinating about schoolwork, photography, traveling, and baking.



Salil Goyal
Expansion Agent

Salil Goyal is a senior at Old Mill High School and excited to be on the MAS Lieutenant Gubernatorial Cabinet as Expansion Agent for the 2017-18 school year. This is his second year in JSA, and He is president of his school’s chapter. He volunteers as an EMT and leads the It’s Academic team at his school. Salil loves debating, soccer, cricket and more debating. He is looking forward to expanding the JSA empire this year.

Tulip Sengupta

Tulip Sengupta is a sophomore at South Brunswick High School. Although it is her second year in JSA, it is her first year on cabinet, and she is looking forward to a great year! Besides JSA, in school, Tulip is involved in Model UN and the American Red Cross club. She also writes in the school newspaper, the Viking Vibe. When not at school, Tulip can be found at dance, binge watching The Office, sleeping, or eating cookies and cream ice cream … but usually watching The Office. Although she’s only 4’11’’, and can not even kill a fly, Tulip is a black belt! Tulip is excited to serve in the LTG cabinet this year and cannot wait to see where it will take her.


Samantha Campisi
Director of Fundraising

Samantha Campisi, a junior from Princeton High School, is so excited to serve as your MAS Director of Fundraising! This year, she will also act as a Co-Director of Fundraising on her own chapter cabinet. She joined JSA as a freshman and has been passionate about the organization ever since, serving during her sophomore year as a Chapter Internal Affairs Agent on the Vice Mayoral cabinet and as her chapter’s Deputy Director of Publicity and Recruitment. In school, outside of JSA, Samantha runs cross country and copy edits for her school newspaper. Independent of school, she can be found rambling about the environment, playing guitar, or doing musical theater with voice, dance, or acting classes. She is so hyped to be on LTG cabinet and is ready for a great year!!


Arju Patel
Fundraising Agent

Arju Patel is a junior at Leonia High School and is excited to be serving as a fundraising agent for this upcoming JSA year. In addition to being a fundraising agent, he is the Vice-President of his chapter. JSA has given him a platform to freely express his opinions and he hopes to help others who cannot afford JSA conventions by fundraising. Outside of JSA, he can be found actively partaking in Model UN, Student Council, Consumer Bowl, Interact and volunteering at his local hospital. All in all, he is excited to work for you and make this upcoming JSA year an unforgettable one!



Diamond Terrell
Fundraising Agent

Diamond Terrell is a senior at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School. She is absolutely ecstatic to serve on the Lieutenant Gubernatorial cabinet this year! This past school year she served as the Treasurer and the Student Assembly Representative for her amazing chapter. She is extremely passionate about our government and foreign relations. In addition to being involved in JSA, she is an active member in her school’s Gender Equality Movement, Salsa Club, Habitat for Humanity, and is one of the Co-Presidents of Amnesty International. She is also an intern with Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman in her Ewing office. In her free time, she loves listening to music, admiring nature, traveling, eating large pints of ice cream, and singing in the shower. Overall, she is looking forward to hopefully making her mark on the MAS and making her last year in JSA the best one yet!

Cady de la Cruz

Cady de la Cruz is thrilled to serve her fellow statesman this year as a Fundraising Agent. Her passion for JSA has grown immensely throughout her freshman year. She attended the JSA Stanford summer program which increased her fervor for debate and world politics beyond the excitement she had her first year of JSA. In her chapter, Cady serves as the Director of Activism and hopes to take the small Villa Victoria Chapter to new heights. One controversial topic she feels greatly for is animal rights and reducing the use of animal products. Cady’s favorite subject to study is world history. She especially loves learning about ancient Greece and the Renaissance. She can talk endlessly about Thucydides’ Melian Dialogue. Some other activities Cady finds herself involved in are sound crew, cross country, softball, and whatever other club at her tiny school needs more members.

Leticia Wood
Director of Activism

Leticia Wood is a senior at the Academies @ Englewood in Englewood, New Jersey.  She is the Vice President of her school’s chapter of JSA, where she is dedicated to promoting youth involvement in civics and politics.She is the managing editor of her school newspaper, and works on two separate student publications. She is also the president of both her school’s Interact chapter, and High School Democrats of America chapter. Service and political activism, both global and domestic, are two extremely important activities to her and she is excited to work on the MAS cabinet!



Talia Fiester
Director of Activism

Talia Fiester is a junior at Princeton High School. Since she was in middle school, she’s had a passion for making change. When she’s not preaching about veganism or getting into political debates with relatives on Facebook, she serves as president of Princeton’s New Jersey High School Democrats chapter, an organization focused on making a difference in statewide elections and other collaborative activism.





Mallory Brown
Director of Summer School Promotion

Mallory Brown is a rising senior at Villa Victoria Academy. She is optimistic about her chances of making it through a year on the Lieutenant Gubernatorial Cabinet as your Director of Summer School Promotion. A graduate of the Summer Schools at Princeton, Georgetown, and Stanford, she is excited to share her experience with others via boundary-pushing and daring powerpoints. She will serve as the Villa Victoria Academy Chapter-President this year, continue to be involved in Student Council, as well as running cross country and track, her non-political passions. She dislikes writing in the third person as it makes her feel like a fanatic dictator.



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