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Who We Are

The New Jersey Region is one of two regions that make up the Mid-Atlantic State. The region is comprised of two elected officials and along with the respective cabinet of each.

The Mayoral Cabinet organizes and oversees the success of both “One Day” regional events at Princeton University, one in the fall and one in the spring. The Mayoral Cabinet handles ensures smooth convention logistics, crafts engaging debate resolutions, and books captivating keynote speakers. The cabinet also organizes the activism fair during conferences and directs regional activism initiatives in coordination with statewide and nationwide goals.

The Vice Mayoral Cabinet oversees of the largest department on cabinet, the Chapter Internal Affairs (CIA) department. CIA agents are responsible for relaying every important detail to all of the chapter presidents in the region. The Vice Mayoral Cabinet also contains the Director(s) of Fundraising, Technology, Chapter Conferences, as well as the Editor-In-Chief of the MAS Liberty, who work together to make sure that the NJR runs smoothly.

These two cabinets work together to achieve great success in the New Jersey Region and are looking forward to a great year filled with amazing regional events, new fundraising initiatives, a completely revamped MAS Liberty and much more!

Our Information

To see our Mayoral Cabinet, click here

To see our Vice-Mayoral Cabinet, click here

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