Mayoral Cabinet


Mayor – ambika sinha

ambikaAmbika Sinha is a rising Junior at Marlboro High School in Central Jersey. Last year she served as a chapter internal affairs agent on the Vice Mayoral Cabinet. This is the second year she is serving on the MAS cabinet and she is beyond excited in doing so. On the chapter level, Ambika has previously acted as an expansion agent and continuously works with her chapter’s elected officials to spread the word about JSA in her community. As Mayor, Ambika hopes to not only help others learn more about JSA, but to gauge civic engagement as well. Aside from JSA, Ambika loves learning about government and political science. She takes pride in loving her country immensely and her favorite book is the federalist papers. Ambika loves listening to music, namely artists like Kendrick Lamar and Coldplay. She also participate in her cultural activities as she participates in several different types of Indian dances. Ambika is always open for a good conversation!

Chief of Staff- Ethan zang


Ethan Zang is a rising senior and is serving as the Mayoral Chief of Staff. He is a student in the Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology at the Bergen County Academies and hopes to help Ambika in all the ways he can to improve the NJR. As a Jets and Knicks fan, he is desperately deprived of happiness; please offer him your sincerest condolences.

Conference Coordinator – VRUSHA SHAH

cab-pic-1Vrusha Shah is the Conference Coordinator on the Mayoral MAS Cabinet. She is a junior at South Brunswick High School. She has always had a passion for debate and she hopes to help others in their public speaking abilities and knowledge on current events through Cabinet and JSA. Other than JSA, she is a dancer of eight years and a singer. She loves to listen to music and binge-watch Psych. She is looking forward to a great year ahead!

Assistant Conference Coordinator – Janice Park

dsc09404Janice Park is a senior at Academies@Englewood and she is excited to be the Assistant Conference Coordinator. She is currently serving as the co-president of her own chapter with Vanessa Wolosz. This is her second year being involved in JSA. She is dedicated to serve and make the contributions necessary to make JSA a better experience for all. Outside of JSA she sings opera competitively, in addition to musical theatre and ensemble work, founded a non-profit start up for gourmet baked goods which donates proceeds to charity and works on a gender equality program for young children she founded with a good friend. In her free time Janice can be found hibernating in order to maintain her reputation of never obtaining human contact for the sake of “fun.”

Director of Public Relations – Roshan Shelley

14340009_1304828812862573_326037476_oWhen Roshan first heard that politics, debating, and activism could be interests he could pursue deeply, he shunned them away similarly to how Plato disregarded the written word. After all, his rap career was about to take off, and he couldn’t be bothered with anything else. However, when his mixtape failed to make him famous, (he still doesn’t know why) discussing issues of today’s society took the place of his rap career, and he has loved every moment of it.

Now as a rising senior at J.P Stevens High School in Edison NJ, Roshan is extremely excited to serve as the Co-Director of Public Relations of the NJR Mayoral Cabinet. He describes himself as an avid debater who occasionally gets carried away during thought talks, a drummer, and an amateur leatherworker


dsc09383Maria is a rising Junior from Secaucus High School in North Jersey. She has been very active in the JSA community over these past few years. With her JSA chapter Maria gives back to her community and promotes activism in her area. This year Maria is super excited to be on cabinet and can’t wait to get the JSA year started.


Director of Logistics – Megha Jain

Megha Jain is a rising junior in the Law and Public Service Program at Colts Neck High School, where she serves as the Director of Political Activism of her chapter. She has been in JSA for two years, and is excited to spend her next year as a Director of Logistics. She also explores her passion for public speaking as an active member of Model UN and as Co-President of the debate club. Outside of JSA, Megha enjoys dance, theatre, binging TV shows, and eating mac and cheese.

Director of Logistics- Nikhil Chaturvedi

Nikhil Chaturvedi, a junior at Marlboro High School, is enthusiastic to serve our royal highness, Queen Beeks as an MAS Director of logistics. Current SAR of the Marlboro Chapter, Nikhil is ready to tackle any tasks that is in front of him. When he isn’t busy being nikh_papi, Nikhil enjoys running (from his school responsibilities), playing the guitar, bhilling with people (no crips) and vibing to some drake or logic. He is determined, brown, and ready to serve the JSA community by fighting elitism and helping the masses come to conferences.

Executive Director of Debate – Lana Salloum

14388927_1690686631253815_40101028_nLana is the Director of Debate for the New Jersey Region on the Mayoral Cabinet. She is very excited for what this year is going to bring. She knows that she will make a whole bunch of new friends on cabinet and end up feeling as if they are her family. It is such a wonderful experience and she is glad to be a part of it. Lana has always enjoyed debating, especially the arguing part, and she loves that being part of JSA allows her to do so. This is why she felt that being the Director of Debate would be the perfect position for her. She wants to take the NJR to new heights, captivate more and more people in debates, and increase involvement at conventions. She goes to Biotechnology High School where she is the Chapter President. She loves taekwondo, playing soccer, and swimming by the pool when she isn’t at one JSA conference or another. Overall, she is ecstatic to be part of the NJR cabinet this year and can’t wait to see what the cabinet accomplishes as a whole.

Director of Debate – Brian Kehoe

13584965_10206399943498668_7256834716609852857_oBrian Kehoe is a rising junior from Franklin Lakes in Bergen County. He attends Bergen County Academies, and is currently the Director of Debate for his chapter. Along with JSA, Brian also participates in various business, economic, and debate competitions. He went to nationals in DECA his sophomore year, and and was a Euro Challenge team captain who advanced to the semi-finals. Aside from academics, Brian enjoys reading, playing frisbee, and listening to music. Brian primarily listens to artists who are introspective, and really have something to say. Artists like 2 chainz, lil’ yachty (tiny boat), and young thug speak to him on a spiritual and philosophical level. This summer Brian attended the JSA summer school at Georgetown. His time in the program was highly rewarding, and the relationships that he built inspired him to further his career in JSA. He is very excited to serve his region this year, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. He is always available and happy to talk.

Director of Debate – Christian Martin

dsc09389Christian Martin is a sophomore at Princeton High School and Vice President of his chapter. Christian was born in Madison, New Jersey, but when he was one, moved to Europe for six years. After 2 years in Switzerland and 4 in Italy, he moved back to the states to be closer to family. He loves to debate, plays guitar, and has what his friends call “white-dad” dance moves. He can eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s half baked in one sitting. An even more unhealthy habit of his though, is his ability to binge the new season of House of Cards in a single weekend. He loves being in New York City, but also has “that crunchy side” that loves to backpack, rock climb, and Kayak. He is your typical JSA-obsessed politics nerd, attending meetings since his second day of school.

Director of Activism – Amanda Milo

dsc09400Amanda Milo is a rising junior at Freehold Township High School and is delighted to serve as your Director of Activism. She has been a committed JSA member since she was a freshmen and attended every regional and state event in the past two years she has been in JSA. She served as secretary her sophomore year, and successfully revived her dying chapter with her fellow board members. When she is not serving as one of your Directors of Activism, she enjoys baking and painting in her free time. It is very likely see her wearing a dress every single day (even in the winter time). Outside of JSA, she is in various clubs, but most importantly, Amanda advocates for women’s rights in the U.N. club, Girl Up. She can’t wait to serve this year on the NJR Mayoral cabinet and encourages people to come up to her to discuss activism plans for the NJR.

Director of Activism – Zach Gill

dsc09375Zach Gill has been a member and Best Speaker award winner of JSA since 2013, and has learned much from his experience. With a focus on effective communication and teamwork, he is currently serving as Chapter president of the South Jersey Chapter. This year, he will serve as a Co-Director of Activism on the New Jersey region Mayoral cabinet. Outside of JSA, Zach remains politically active by reading and watching the news, taking classes centered around political campaigns and campaign strategy, joining political initiatives and serving on the campaigns of congressional candidates. Outside of politics, Zach is a successful rower who has both been a rower and coxswain. His love of all music except country has led him to learn four instruments, and will soon learn to play a fifth. He also enjoys capturing the beauty of nature through photography, and hopes to one day earn enough to fulfill his ultimately insatiable desire for new lenses and photography equipment.

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