Vice Mayoral Cabinet


Vice-Mayor – laura boyajian


Laura Boyajian, a junior, is looking forward to serving as the NJR Vice Mayor. She is also the Vice President of the best chapter ever, The South Jersey Chapter. In her freshman year she also served as a CIA Agent on the Vice Mayoral Cabinet. Laura is extremely grateful for her sister, Ruth, who was the one that encouraged Laura to join JSA and get as involved as possible. This incredible organization has made a huge impact on Laura’s life. Besides the amazing friends she has made, Laura has been able to find her voice through all of the wonderful opportunities JSA has provided. When not busy with school or her many JSA responsibilities, Laura can be seen playing soccer, watching Ronald Reagan documentaries, or spending time with her huge, crazy family. She is looking forward to a great JSA year and would be happy to talk to any of you about JSA or non-related JSA topics at any point.

Chief of Staff – margaret evered

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-5-57-29-pmMargaret Evered proudly serves as your NJR Vice Mayoral Chief of Staff. She is a junior at Princeton High School where she serves as her chapter’s Director of Fundraising. A graduate of JSA’s summer program at Georgetown University, she loves being part of an organization that has provided for so many opportunities and friendships. Outside of JSA, Margaret is junior class president where she is passionate about providing her classmates with a voice in the school community. Margaret volunteers for her local fire department and enjoys having an active role in keeping her town safe. Outside of school, she loves to travel and read books at her local library. Margaret would love to work for the State Department one day and is grateful for everyone who has believed in her so far. She is ecstatic to work with this year’s MAS cabinets and is looking forward to an amazing year!

Chapter Internal Affairs Agent -vanshika sharma

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-6-04-19-pmVanshika Sharma, a junior who’s Chapter President at High Tech High School has been a passionate member of JSA throughout her high school career. Whether it was attending conventions or just simple chapter meetings, she has been and is always ready for a new experience. Her love of meeting new people has allowed her to grow her chapter and chapter relationships even further. Vanshika appreciates unique views and people who are passionate about making a change. She has been able to meet incredible people through JSA who’ve affected her growth and allowed her to become the open-minded girl she is today. Besides JSA, she spends her time traveling, working out, and trying new things. Vanshika can’t wait for this upcoming year and is always open to talk!

Chapter Internal Affairs Agent – samantha campisi

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-5-59-25-pmSamantha Campisi is so excited to be a Chapter Internal Affairs Agent this year on the Vice Mayoral cabinet! She is a sophomore at Princeton High School and is also the Deputy Director of Publicity and Recruitment in her school’s chapter. She loves JSA so much and is ecstatic to become more and more involved this year and in the future. Samantha would love to give a shout-out to her friend Christian Martin who is the person who introduced her to the club and encouraged her to get involved. Outside of JSA, Samantha avidly participates in her school newspaper along with running on the Cross Country and Track teams. Aside from school, she plays guitar and loves theater, as she takes voice, dancing, and acting classes. She is really looking forward to meeting new people this year in JSA and having an amazing year!

Chapter Internal Affairs Agent – veronica smith

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-6-04-28-pmVeronica Smith is enthusiastically serving as a CIA Agent. She is a senior at Plainfield Academy for the arts and Advanced Studies. Veronica has been a member of the JSA organization for four years. She has served as the Plainfield & PAAAS’s Chapter President for two years and currently serves as the Director of Debate on PAAAS Chapter’s cabinet. Aside from JSA, Veronica is also a member of the Deceptibots, an FTC award­ winning robotics team where she serves as the Engineering Notebook Specialist. When she is not humming a drake song, you can find her either training for track, writing poetry or last but certainly not least, choreographing dances for no apparent reason. She loves life and has an extreme passion for helping others by any means necessary. Veronica is looking forward to this year as she strives to execute her task efficiently in order to                                                                    well represent JSA.

Chapter Internal Affairs Agent – grace baillie


Grace Baillie, a junior, is thrilled to serve as a Chapter Internal Affairs Agent this year. Grace first became involved with JSA in February, and has since thrown herself into everything JSA related. She is a member of the amazing South Jersey Chapter, where she was elected to serve as the Treasurer, and recently chosen to serve as the Director of Community Service. She is excited to have the opportunity to play a part in making the MAS even better by helping chapter presidents stay informed. Grace invests the majority of her time into academics and music. She has enjoyed playing piano for ten years, and currently works to instill a love of music in her young piano students. When not busy with JSA, school, and music, Grace enjoys volunteering at a pediatric facility for medically fragile children, watching sports, and spending time with her family and friends. Grace looks forward to a fantastic JSA year with you all!

Chapter Internal Affairs Agent – arju patel


Arju Patel is a rising sophomore at Leonia High School. He currently serves as a Chapter Internal Affairs Agent. He loves to watch football, cricket, and video games, and can talk about it forever. Additionally, he volunteers at his town’s local hospital and promotes activism within his community. Apart from being an active member in his school Senate and Chess Club, JSA is an essential part of his life. JSA has gave him many experiences that he wishes to use in his future high school years. He is very excited to meet you and can’t wait to share his love for JSA.



Chapter Internal Affairs Agent – neha nadiwada


Neha Nandiwada is a sophomore at Biotechnology High School in New Jersey. She has been interested in politics since elementary school, and her passion has only grown. Through JSA, Neha hopes to improve her public speaking and debating skills. On her own time, Neha has been learning North Indian classical singing from her teacher for about 4 years. She loves to play ukulele, piano, and flute. Neha plays tennis, learned Taekwondo, and is a member of two choirs. She enjoys volunteering at the senior center whenever she can. Neha loves dogs, pizza, and listening to music. She aspires to be Beyoncé one day. This year, Neha is very excited to meet new people and pick up new skills during her first year on the MAS Cabinet.

co-director of technology – Devansh chawla

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-3-41-51-pmDevansh Chawla, a junior at John P. Stevens High School, is thrilled to be serving as your Co-Director of Technology. He believes that clubs such as JSA are the reason tha
t he can speak in front of large crowds at any given time and really “kick it” on the dance floor, as well. He also serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Youth for National Change and the Director of Technology for Young Democrats of America – High School Caucus, New Jersey High School Democrats, New Jersey Teenage Republicans, and his school’s Model UN chapter. Aside from his technological positions, Devansh serves as the President and Founder of the ‘JPolitics’ club at his school and the Dias for certain Model UN committees. When he isn’t behind a computer screen or learning another programming language, Devansh is an intern at the Peter Jacobs for Congress campaign and at the Middlesex County Democrats office, an avid drummer, a tennis player, a wrestling fanatic, and a Netflix enthusiast. He looks forward to a great year with all JSA cabinets and hopes to make the most of the experience.

co-Director of Technology – aarushi parashar


Aarushi Parashar is a junior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North. After attending numerous conferences, Aarushi improved as a speaker and now strives to create the same experience for newcomers by serving as the New Jersey Co­Director of Technology. Outside of JSA, Aarushi is involved in Girls Learn International, Relay for Life and various computer clubs. Looking into the future, she hopes to be in information technology and advocates for the increase of female representation in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) related careers.When she is not on the computer learning new programming languages, she can be found watching movies, reading Harry Potter or trying out new recipes. She also fences on her school’s varsity team and competes in mixed martial arts tournaments. She is extremely excited to ameliorate the role of technology in JSA as the Co­Director of Technology for the 2016­-2017 school year!

Director of Chapter Conferences – josh bambulkar

14423586_628796640628357_826207406_oJosh is a rising Junior from South Brunswick High School. He serves as the Director of Chapter Conferences for the NJR in addition to being the President of his chapter. Over the course of the last two years, he has served as a Director of Debate for his chapter, while speaking at nearly every conference. He thoroughly enjoys making music, and primarily listens to rap. He can easily be found at any Drake concert sporting an OVO sweatshirt. He is a huge fan of sports such as basketball and football and is very passionate about his teams (almost too passionate). He has been an active member of JSA and looks forward to using his knowledge of foreign affairs in his dream of a future in finance.


Director of Graphic Design – brian meng


Brian Meng is a senior at Biotechnology High School and is looking forward to spend his last year of JSA as the Director of Graphic Design. After attending a debate camp, he decided to join JSA in his sophomore year and ignited his interest in political activism. In addition to JSA, Brian fences on the national level and plays the saxophone in his school and various ensembles. He trains every week and often travels on the weekends to competitions. When not watching Netflix, he can also be found listening to rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper. He is also very passionate about the sciences and has done research competitions within in his school. In his last year, he cannot wait to work with his cabinet to have a successful JSA year and meet new people!

Director of Fundraising – atharva bidaye

Atharva Bidaye is a junior at South Brunswick High School and will be serving as the New Jersey Region’s Director of Fundraising. He is the Director of Debate for the South Brunswick Chapter. He joined JSA in his sophomore year because many of his friends told him it would be a great experience, and they turned out to be absolutely correct. JSA has amazed Atharva with how it lets him learn so much about the world while also prompting him to meet fascinating, new people. Apart from JSA, Atharva enjoys playing on the school tennis team and loves listening to music. He is very excited to be serving on the New Jersey Region Vice Mayoral Cabinet and is looking forward to a great year!


Editor in Chief of the mas liberty – madison richmond

14797431_1660100610969564_497970550_nMadison Richmond is excited to be serving on cabinet as the Editor in Chief of the MAS Liberty. Madison is currently a junior at Princeton High School and is passionately involved in her chapter. She loves attending weekly JSA meetings (especially if there are cookies) because of her great JSA friends and discussions. Madison was born in Australia and enjoys visiting her family down under. Aside from JSA, Madison is a member of the PHS Speech and Debate team, a Cornerhouse GAIA student leader, and a part of her school’s homeroom news broadcast show. Her other                                                                                                         interests include dank memes, Drake, and the                                                                                                       Hamilton soundtrack.

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