Voter Registration Guide

Below you will find a guide to keeping your chapter involved and active during the Fall . The guide includes tips and instructions on how to hold voter registration drives and other election information!  Click here to view the guide.

MAS Activist of the Month

Chapter presidents: is someone in your chapter active in your community? Do you believe they deserve special recognition? Let us know! Email with what your chapter has done to be the MAS Activist of the month and they could be featured in an MAS Liberty article!

Chapter Ideas for Activism

  • Host a fundraiser for a local charity , such as a movie night, bake sale or walk-a-thon
  • Invite a guest speaker to a chapter meeting
  • Launch an awareness campaign for an issue you care about
  • Run a food/clothes/book drive

Fight Apathy

Fight Apathy is a nationwide campaign that promotes civic education and leadership among the youth by sparking a passion for pressing social and political issues and engaging them in political discourse.


Leticia Wood (Director of Activism)

Talia Fiester(Director of Activism)

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