A Modern Proposal: Kill Two Rockets with One Species

On one side of the world, humans are rabbits. Many of these rabbits live in run down shacks where each individual survives on scraps of food and drips of water. But what makes rabbits truly rabbits? They multiply a bit too much. Currently, the population in just Asia is over two trillion people with more than fifty percent living in poverty, and these numbers continue to grow. These poor humans are under the impression that the more people in the family, the more there are to work, and the more there are to work, the more money they make! This is what happens when you have uneducated rabbits. What happens when there are more people? The food demand increases. Silly rabbits. On the other side of the world, people are no longer rabbits. Now, they are civilized and know what will bring humanity forward! “Space exploration is the solution to the world’s problems!” they claim, “Even the poor will prosper!” NASA spends more than one trillion dollars on improving the world’s problems, approximately the same amount of people who are impoverished on the other side of the world. So far, others have failed to grasp this American logic. However, I have found the justification for this logic that has yet to be publicized!

The world will continue to be haunted with this growing pauper epidemic as long as the population increases. However, by taking the money NASA spends in one year and sponsoring an enormous space shuttle, we can ship the poor into outer space, thus decreasing the population while also exploring the universe! The money will be efficiently spent, as it usually is, but it will also take out another problem! Now, all whom is left is the middle and upper class, those who deserve to be on Earth based off their decisions to work hard and get to the top! They did not need any help from any outside supporter, and they earned their right to live on Earth, compared to those slackers who made every decision to be poor. Social Darwinism once again prevails!

Once the rabbits are all gone, those who earned a right to live wealthy can appreciate even more benefits. The worry about running out of food is now a faraway dream. The taxes can finally be lowered as the money will no longer be wasted on social benefits for the poor since there are none left! NASA and the rest of the human race can continue looking to the stars for answers while setting up an experiment on those in outer space. The true limit of human nature can finally be tested once the poor in the space shuttle run out of food. Instinct will take over, and we can finally observe what happens to humans when they are pushed to life’s limit!

Some may say that this violates moral issues, and economics do not reflect someone’s past or mental capabilities. But is not the only other option to drain money from those who earned it and give it to the low lifes who have obviously failed the test of social darwinism? Whether some believe it or not, evolution from competition is true. We as humans evolved because we were smarter and put more effort into our tasks. Evolution thus has to take its course. We cannot stop it. Also, capitalism has brought prosperity to many countries. Why not allow capitalism to run its true course while eliminating the drawbacks of social programs? More people would benefit and those who would not would be eliminated so that their lazy genes will not be passed down to the future generations.

Overall, my plan uses NASA’s efficient use of money to solve one of the largest issues in the world: growing poverty. Social Darwinism will continue, experiments on human nature will blossom, and the pauper population will decrease while space exploration continues. Of course taking the money from NASA and using it to fund the greater cause of supporting the poor people in the world is always an option, but that does not go along with human selfishness! My solution clearly compromises with this human selfishness while also promoting evolution and competition, nature’s natural course of life. Therefore, NASA will be completely justified when they say the Earth will prosper with space exploration, as long as they use my solution.

~ Ved Bhagwat

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