Fall State 2016 Recap

From November 19-20th, nearly 400 high school students from all across the Midwest traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to participate in the annual JSA Fall State convention. Following the difficult, divisive election cycle, the convention was appropriately titled From Promises to Policy: Unifying the Nation. In the morning, students had the privilege of hearing from keynote speaker Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, a local legislator, politician, and City Council member in Dane County, Wisconsin. Bidar’s speech highlighted unity and students had the opportunity to ask Bidar a variety of questions. Following Bidar’s speech, delegates participated in a multitude of debates, written and developed by the Midwest Cabinet, that ranged from feminism to EU geopolitics to parenting techniques. On Saturday evening, attendees interacted with a variety of legislators in roundtable discussion and engaged in activism activities for a variety of causes. Special JSA merchandise, like JSA pom-pom beanies and sweatpants, were sold over the course of the night. Come Sunday morning, debates resumed, including a Mock Supreme Court Case trial and a RISK-styled debate activity. Fall State opened and closed with a great deal of success, and political activity, thought, and education ran deep throughout the course of the convention.

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