Chapter Leadership Conference Recap

On September 30th, members of Midwest Cabinet of the Junior State of America hosted a successful Chapter Leadership Conference at Lake Forest High School in Lake Forest, Illinois. The event was oriented towards enhancing the skills and knowledge base of current and potential future student leadership in JSA. JSA members came from as far as Ann Arbor, MI and Appleton, WI to attend the conference. After participating in a brief icebreaker activity, JSA Chapter Presidents and their accompanying future leadership delegations attended various workshops led by directors on Midwest Cabinet. Workshops included activities to build understanding debate, chapter strengthening, publicity, fundraising and activism in a JSA context, and attendees received information on JSA’s Summer School Programs.

After the workshops came lunch — a time for attendees to form new friendships and catch up with old ones. Pizza and soda drinks accompanied budding friendships and light discussion.

The second half of the conference was dedicated to chapter conference planning. Members of Cabinet presented a slideshow that covered the many aspects of properly hosting chapter conferences. Then, attendees broke out into small groups to formulate ideas for their own upcoming ChapCons throughout the year.

The Midwest State’s Chapter Leadership Conference this year helped many aspiring leaders learn about various ways to become more involved with their respective chapters. Alejandra Campillo, a first year D204 chapter member, said that “agents and directors gave great insight on their experience with JSA and the way they got involved.”

Participants of this event also took away helpful advice on how to better their leadership skills. Naperville North freshman Rachel Zhou describes her experience as one that “taught [her] about multiple prospects on leadership that [she] didn’t take into consideration before.”

“I thought the fundraising and expansion presentations were especially helpful and interesting,” she added.

Certainly, the Midwest Cabinet looks forward to hosting more Chapter Leadership Conferences in the next years to continue to augment the quality of leadership active in Midwest JSA.

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