What is JSA?

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The Junior State of America is a nationwide, non-partisan, non-profit, student-run organization dedicated to preparing high school students for a life of responsible leadership in a democratic society. Each year students meet at conventions and regular chapter meetings to discuss and debate political topics which they care about. These experiences can help to teach valuable lessons in leadership and public speaking. JSA’s motto is “Be the People,” exemplary of the goals of youth involvement in politics and government and opinion vocalization.  At overnight and one-day conventions, students with a variety of views, backgrounds, and opinions have the opportunity to share their ideas and learn from and understand each other.

JSA also runs and maintains the Fight Apathy campaign, a nationwide movement to increase political involvement in schools.



JSA is organized on a national, state, regional, and local level. Made up of ten states generally correlated with geographical region, these states include Arizona, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, the Northeast, Northern California, the Ohio River Valley, the Pacific Northwest, the Southeast, Southern California, and Texas.

On the state level, at Spring State each year, the attendees elect a governor and lieutenant governor to lead the state. The Governor and LtG then choose a number of qualified JSA statesmen to make up there cabinet. Learn more about the Midwest State specifically here.

On the national level, the governors from each of the ten states come together to form the Council of Governors.

On the regional level, some states have mayors of various geographical regions. The Midwest does not engage in this practice.

On the local level, chapters build the foundation of the Junior State of America, headed by a chapter president and engaging in frequent, localized civic engagement.

To learn more about the Junior State of America, look at this slideshow or go to jsa.org.

Interested in starting  a chapter? Contact Midwest Governor Colin Jensen at cjensen@jsa.org.

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