Chapter Conferences

Besides state conventions, chapter conferences (ChapCons) are held throughout the school year. Each chapter has the opportunity to host their own ChapCon, organizing every last detail from the debates to logistics. ChapCons usually run for the majority of the day, with debates, both serious and funny, lunch, and activism projects. Attendance can range anywhere from 10 to 100 people, depending on the convention. ChapCons are a great opportunity not only to meet new people, but to establish strong relationships between chapters and enjoy the JSA community between conventions.


Upcoming Chapter Conventions (2017-2018)

October 14th: Naperville North’s Chapter Conference “IntroCON 2.0

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Join us for the first Midwest JSA Chap Con of the year; it will be hosted at Naperville North High School. The entrance fee will be $10. Come for exciting debates and activism events!

November 18th: Oconomowoc’s Chapter Conference “PartyCon

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Join us for Oconomowoc’s first Chapter Conference; it will be hosted at Oconomowoc High School in Wisconsin. There will be party themed debates and fun activism opportunities all at a cost of $5!

January 20th: Naperville Central’s Chapter Conference “AmeriCON






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February 3rd:  Lake Forest’s Chapter Conference “OlympiCON








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Interested in hosting a chapter conference for your chapter?  Follow this guide.


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