Past Elected Officials

Each spring, the Midwest elects exceptional student leaders to guide the state through the next school year. Each Governor and Lieutenant Governor has a remarkable effect on the state in their own way.

Tenure Governor Lieutenant Governor
2003-2004 AJ Harrison N/A
2004-2005 Sarah Wang N/A
2005-2006 Sarah Wang N/A
2006-2007 Ravi Mulani Dennis Fan
2007-2008 Ravi Mulani Harsha Tolappa
2008-2009 Alicia Pettys Nicholas Psykir
2009-2010 Nikhil Mulani Harry Gollakota
2010-2011 Tony Castagnoli Aadi Tolappa
2011-2012 Aadi Tolappa Neshal Patel
2012-2013 Summer Wu Hari Ravi
2013-2014 Kristiana Yao Bobby Manis
2014-2015 Katharine Wang Serena Upadhyay
2015-2016 Shruti Baxi Kristine Xu
2016-2017 Janani Kalyan Hirsch Nangia