Activism is the heart of JSA. It is where we get out into our own communities and ask what we can do to make our neighbors’ — whether they be friends or strangers — lives easier. Activism is motivated by a sense of fairness and a hunger for justice. It can be motivated by anger at the state of our world, but behind that anger needs to be the idealistic and maybe even naive belief that we have the power to make things better. Young people more than any other group have so much stake in the future of our world. The Activism Department is a vehicle for helping young people use their political power for issues they think are important. This year, our fall initiative focuses on voter education and registration. To learn more, take a look at the fall 2016 activism guide.

Director of Activism: Harry Bernholz

Activism Agents: Edgar Gonzaga, Margaret Melcher, Helena Bartkowski, Alexandra Pinski

Youth Advisory Board Head: Grace Moser

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