NorthStar: October

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Well Hello There!

Welcome to NorCal JSA 2016-17


               It’s going to be an exciting year! Like always. Here at JSA we never get bored. That’s because we are overflowing with people who care for the country and it’s political events and just won’t quit talking about it! Every year, NorCal JSA is buzzing with intense and thought provoking arguments, creative thought talks, inspiring keynote speakers, long nights at conventions mixed with blazers and neckties and of course, laughter. JSA is a great place to make new friends. Many of which last a lifetime. Yes, even though we are quite diverse, you may find like minded people within the state. But what brings the people of JSA together is their attitude. Because the people are all so intrigued by politics, and are practically obsessed with the impact it has on life here in America, the people here are generally focused, open minded and driven by passion. They want to listen to what others have to say. Many within the state also partake in other programs that allow them to make a change within the government. The people here know the names of elected officials, know who they support in the election, know how to register to vote, know about both the issues and positive changes surrounding us in this world. Collectively, we make one super human politician with youthful energy and a voice so loud, it could blow you away.

               If you are returning to JSA this year, welcome back. If you are here with us for the first time, we can’t wait to hear your opinions, see you make new discoveries, discuss new ideas and find new friends!  We can’t wait to see you thrive.

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Okay Norcal Cabinet, Lets Get In Formation

Northern California’s Junior Statesmen cabinet members at CabCon 2016 in Burlingame,California. Photos by Jesus Tellitud

Northern California’s Junior Statesmen cabinet members at CabCon 2016 in Burlingame,California. Photos by Jesus Tellitud.

by Bennie Williams, edits by Katia Pokotylo

            Burlingame –  This year’s Northern California Cabinet Confirmation brought out the best of the best civically engaged leaders from the Northern California JSA state to discuss the direction the NorCal state will be heading in this year.

            Over the past years Northern California JSA has been going a little  south. With multiple program directors over the years, NorCal JSA has seen its numbers plummet and participation decrease. Overall, the state became disorganized and uncoordinated.

           However, with new program director Dan Hess, a NorCal JSA alum, NorCal JSA has potential. Dan Hess hopes to see NorCal rebuild and be a leading state once again!

               During a variety of workshops, NorCal Cabinet set goals for their department, regions, and as a state. Norcal Cabinet set high expectations for the 2016-2017 school year and is very determined to achieve them. With just under 60 members, this year’s Cabinet is smaller, but filled with hardworking people who are all passionate about JSA and know how to work efficiently and effectively. With that, Cabinet is expected to make significant changes within NorCal this year.

               Kiran Prasad, NorCal governor, says he hopes to see a “rise in convention attendance, increase in chapter activism, and a strong and united cabinet.” Though this goal is far out, it is important to reach for the stars this year. The North Star even.

Saturday, 9am in Burlingame, California, cabinet members were situating themselves within the JSA office.



Expansion agents spreading ideas.



Dan Hess (AKA Dan the Man) in all of his glory!



EBR Vice Mayor, Dustin Garner (center), makes the group laugh while he speaks about EBR and it’s ambitions.



NorCal Governor, Kiran Prasad, explaining his goals for the year.



Within each department, cabinet members planned out their goals and gave each one a due date. Then all the goals were attached to this wall for everyone to review and understand.



Left to Right: Oliver Soglin(Director of Expansion), Maya Carpenter (Deputy Convention Coordinator), Mario Espinoza (Chapter Internal Affairs Agent) and Shuxin Zhou (Deputy Director of Public Relations) participating in a convention planning activity.


Cabinet members leaving the office after a long day of preparation and heading over to the Hilton to refresh before Department dinner!

Taking it up a Notch: YAB and it’s Purpose

by Tao Belony, edits by Katia Pokotylo

               The Youth Advisory Board (YAB), is a division of Northern California’s activism department that works to give students a larger voice in politics and school administration by attending school board meetings and talking with state representatives and senators. The YAB typically consists of six to ten board members and one or two heads. The YAB, until 2016, has been its own division within cabinet, but was recently moved to the activism department and was reduced to one head. While YABs have existed for some time in the JSA states of Northern and Southern California, there is no record of their actions and no indication that they have ever actively worked toward achieving their goal of increased student involvement in politics. Let us change that! This year, cabinet and the YAB head hope to take steps towards achieving the YAB’s goals in Northern California. Very few programs have advisory boards similar to JSA’s YAB; it is a very unique and exciting opportunity that YOU can take advantage of!

Interested? For more information, contact NorCal’s YAB head, Tao Beloney at

Leave your comments below.

Leave your comments below.



Quotes of the Month:

“Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.” ~ Samuel Smiles

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”         ~ George Bernard Shaw

“Being unique is what’s cool. Normal? What’s normal? A setting on a washing machine, and no one wants to be that.” ~Anonymous

“If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.” ~ Donald J. Trump



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