The publicity department oversees the North Star, NorCal JSA’s newspaper, various social media outlets, and the NorCal JSA website. The North Star includes student written articles about various topics and is currently being published on the NorCal website. The publicity department is revamping Norcal JSA’s social media presence and currently have Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. These will be used not only to show the latest JSA events, but also as a method for student engagement and involvement as we do takeovers and photo contests. Lastly, the publicity department is also revamping the Norcal JSA website by making it more user friendly and overseeing various maintenance throughout the year. 

Director of Publicity: Akshara Majjiga

Director of Technology: Abe Jellinek

Deputy Director of Public Relations: Shuxin Zhou

Editor-in-Chief of the North Star: Katia Pokotylo

Reporter: Bennie Williams

Photographer: Kassie Demopolous, Jesus Tellitud