Winter State

Dates: February 24-25, 2018

Location: Sheraton Grand Sacramento

Contact: Your chapter’s CIA agent with any questions!

During Winter State in Sacramento, hundreds of students from around the Northern California JSA State gather together to act as a mock Congress. We write our own bills and meet in the California Capitol building to debate them. In order for a bill to “pass”, it must be voted in by both our mock House of Representatives and Senate. We learn about each political parties stance on these issues in “Party Caucuses”, and we also have nighttime activities on Saturday night!

Convention Information

To Chapter Officers:

Please have your chapter members let you know their top three committee choices from the six committees we will likely have on Saturday afternoon of Winter State. After you have registered on MyJSA, please remember to send me these through the Delegate Committee Preference Spreadsheet. (You can find a copy of this spreadsheet as well as a list of the committees we will likely have in the guide I reference later in this section.) We will use the spreadsheets you send to assign students to the two committee sessions on Saturday afternoon, so this is absolutely critical. The sooner you send this spreadsheet to me, the more likely your chapter members will be placed in their top two committees. If I do not receive this from you, your chapter members will be placed into committees randomly.

When filling out the Committee Preference Spreadsheet, please remember to assign everyone in your delegation as either a Senator or a Representative. For every three students, one can be a Senator. (So, if your delegation is six students, two will be Senators and four will be Representatives. If your delegation is 26 students, eight will be Senators and 18 will be Representatives.) If you do not assign your delegation members as Senators or Representatives, they will be assigned randomly. This spreadsheet must submitted during chapter registration for the convention (emailed to Dan).

Winter State Committee Preference Spreadsheet (File>Download As>Microsoft Excel (.xlsx))

Winter State Committee Information Sheet

The deadline to send in legislation was extended to January 19th. You should have already heard this, but I want to make sure so everyone is on the same page! Remember, you must submit one bill for every five students attending! Please send completed legislation to

Winter State Sample Bill Topics

Registration Guidelines

Registration is now open for the convention! All related documents may be found below. Early registration closes in late January, so make sure to sign up right away!

NorCal Winter State Booklet

2018 NorCal Winter State Registration Packet

Winter State Committee Preference Spreadsheet (File>Download As>Microsoft Excel (.xlsx))

Additionally, during the convention, participants also have a chance to review bills submitted as part of the Winter State Cabinet. Read more about how you can enhance your time at the convention on page 14 of the Winter State booklet, and apply below!

Winter State Cabinet Application Link:

There are also positions available on the State Cabinet for the remainder of the year; applications are available below. 

NorCal JSA Cabinet Mid-Year Application Link: