Letter From the Governor

Hello Northeast State,


I am so excited for the year we have ahead of us. This year will be one of records for every department, and one focused on improving the experience of every single JSAer out there. We are going through a very important time in our country during this current election cycle, making it an amazing opportunity to get involved in JSA, voice your opinion, and make a difference. From strengthening our regional events and outreach to increasing our convention attendance, the target this year will be on all of you, the people of the NES.


Jumping into the year we have two amazing regional events scheduled this Fall for you. The first is ECR Fall One-Day on October 16, 2016 at Stuyvesant High School. The second is NER One-Day on October 29, 2016 at William James Hall at Harvard University. The theme for both events is The Election 2016: Beyond the Ballot. There will special activities and debates held regarding the upcoming election. For further information regarding these events contact your region’s mayors: Armana Islam for ECR and Nate Bradley for NER. These events are an amazing way to start off our year.


Following our Fall region events is our first overnight convention of the year, Fall State. The theme for Fall State this year is From Promises to Policy: Unifying the Nation, and will be held at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts on December 10-11. Early Bird registration opens on October 24th and regular registration opens on November 7. All members must have an account on MyJSA in order to attend. The registration packet is also available here. Follow the Facebook Event for regular updates.


Our activism department this year is also focusing on initiatives geared around the election for all chapters to participate in. These activities are fixated on making high-school students more informed and involved in the election in a multitude of ways. Our activism directors are pushing for chapters to hold voter registration drives in their communities, have chapter debate watch parties, and hold school-wide mock debates. Our goal this year is to have each chapter hold at least one of these activities, but ideally have them hold all three if possible. Contact our Directors of Activism Jenny Wang and Erin Mackey with any questions.


The NES fundraising department has been hard at work building up our Northeast Scholarship fund, which is currently (as of September 10th) at $6,873, more than a third of our State goal this year. This money goes directly towards financially assisting students who could not normally attend overnight conventions. If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund use this link.


Finally, the NES website will be updated on a much more regular basis this year, with updates about deadlines and upcoming events. This is meant to be the main source of information for every JSAer. We will also have a calendar set up soon with all of the year’s events.


I could not be happier to serve as your governor this year NES. Make sure to make this year your year.



Kamran Parsa


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