A Glimpse into a Genuinely Free Society

written by Kieran Brown
NOTE: JSA is a nonpartisan organization. This is just one opinion from one of our writers. We will be covering a wide range of topics that will illustrate various political beliefs, and neither JSA nor The Patriot is promoting specific political parties.
A free society is one that allows its citizens to live their lives without governmental interference, as long as they do not disrupt societal order. A free society is not a Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, or Green society, but a society that allows its citizens to make choices for themselves. I believe in George Washington’s assertion that political parties allow corrupt powers to insert themselves as tyrannous rulers. A free society is pragmatic; it does not conform to one ideology or party platform.

Morally, a free society strives to protect all; after all, life is the most precious thing on Earth. As a result, rehabilitation for convicted criminals should always be an option. When one does wrong, they must learn what is right and be given a chance to better themselves. As the nonpartisan Hoover Institute contends, a morally free society is one where justice and mercy are equal. I believe that when this occurs, people are given a chance to make the most out of their lives, and society has served its purpose. Another pillar of free society is the right to life. While an incredibly controversial topic, I stand firmly in my beliefs that life must be protected at all times. All life is precious, and any time a life is terminated should be considered a travesty. I believe that it is the responsibility of a morally free society to serve all of its citizens, even those who cannot fully serve themselves.

Economically, a free society must be a capitalistic society. Systems such as socialism and communism have innumerably proven themselves to be both ineffective and dangerous. The nature of absolute state power over an economy is incredibly ill-advised, and is menacing to a free society. As Lord Acton once famously argued, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” As evidenced by the actions of dictators such as Stalin and Mao, this is certainly the case. A free society must also avoid crony capitalism, like Vladimir Putin’s Russia. A free society does not tolerate market manipulation ever.

Politically, a free society must serve every single citizen, and try its hardest to be inclusive. A free society must study every society, to learn the faults of corrupted ones and the successes of moral ones. A free society does not vote according to party lines, nor does it form caucuses to divide communities and interests. In addition, a free society must not form legislative gridlock, as it only serves as a way to harm the constituency that its sole existence is derived from. Instead, the people’s representatives must come together to find common ground, much like how groups come together to work towards a common goal. Lastly, a politically free society should make government a source of togetherness, not a competition. In such a society, all ideas would be respected, not only those of the majority.

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