Meet the New Elected Officials: NER Mayor Jessica Coulombe


  1. Why did you decide to run for your position?

I decided to run for mayor because I love JSA. Being on cabinet, I had seen what was working and what could be improved in the region and I begun to think of the ways I could better the NER. As the year went on, it became clear to me that I wanted this role because I desired to make a change in order to help my region reach its full potential. I didn’t want to sit by and hope it would happen so I ran for mayor!

2. Who were some of your JSA mentors who helped you become who you are today?

My biggest JSA mentor is my very close friend, Liam Dewey. I have never been to a JSA convention without him and it is hard to picture how I’m going to do it next year. Dewey has allowed me to see my potential and has lead me to become the leader I am today. He showed me that it is okay to be yourself and share any and all ideas you have. He’s urged me to venture out of my comfort zone and without him I’m not sure that I would have even applied for cabinet.

3. What was your reaction when you learned you won?

When I learned I had won mayor I was both relieved and excited. Relieved because I had been waiting for the moment so long that I never thought it was going to come but then it finally did! Excited because the energy in the room was amazing and I just knew then that the next year was going to be a huge success.

4. What will your main focus be for next year?

My main focus for next year will be strengthening interest in activism and creating a larger, more solid region.

5. Political Icon?

My political icon is a bit dated but it is Benjamin Franklin. He was very ahead of his time, he was talented in so many different areas and he was overall an admirable person based on his values and his accomplishments.

6. Favorite JSA memory?

My favorite JSA memory is definitely my first time speaking at a debate and getting a best speaker award. It really drove me to get more involved after seeing that I could succeed at debating, which I never thought was possible.

7. Favorite movie or tv show?

My favorite movie is the Harry Potter series and my favorite show is Doctor Who.

8. Favorite musical artist?

My favorite musical artist is Florida Georgia Line or Sam Hunt.

9. Favorite food?

My favorite foods are chicken pot pie and apple crisp.

10. Favorite hobby outside of JSA?

My favorite hobby outside of school would be either running cross country or singing in my acapella/jazz choir group.

11. Favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is history. Any type of history; US, European, Ancient, etc.

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