Meet the New elected officials: ECR Vice Mayor Patrick Burland

  1. Why did you decide to run for your position?

I decided to run for Vice Mayor in large part to a big push from my chapter. My Chapter President, Himay Dharani, and good friend Anisha Jain encouraged me to run and were very supportive of my campaign throughout the election. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my campaign manager, Josh Crow, who helped fire me up for the campaign and really help me get my footing.


2. Who were some of your JSA mentors who helped you become who you are today?

Among my JSA mentors are Celina Deng, Dan Boiller, Thomas Boutros, Jess Ahern, Karl Meekin, Himay Dharani, Josh Crow, Armana Islam, Cole Bruno, Roger Chen, Arielle Soldatanko and Claire Haupt. All of these wonderful people have helped me through my ups and downs and helped shape me to become the statesman I am today. Without them, it’s unlikely that I would be this involved and as passionate as I am.


3. What was your reaction when you learned you won?

I was extremely surprised. At no point in the race did I know which way the election was gonna go. And before the results were announced, my fellow candidates and I, knew that whoever won, our region would be in good hands.


4. What will your main focus be for next year?

My main focus for this upcoming year will be on keeping our existing chapters strong and to help them expand in their communities. During the campaign, I ran on implementing a new emphasis on civics and expanding Fight Apathy to the ballot box. These programs will not only help expand JSA but foster a passion for government and politics in countless more students.


5. Political Icon?

John Kasich. The Ohio Governor is my favorite politician. While I initially didn’t know much about him,  the more I heard, the more I liked.  And Governor Kasich’s best attribute is his integrity which is of a magnitude I can only aspire to one day have. Having gone to two of his town hall, campaigned for him in 3 states and keeping up with him post election; I can honestly say there is no person more qualified to be our President in 2020.


6.Favorite JSA memory?

My favorite JSA memory by far was at Fall State 2015 when I won my first gavel. The rush of excitement and applause I got when my name was announced was so quintessentially JSA and that moment is one of the reasons why when I’m not eating or sleeping, I’m twisting people’s arms to join JSA


7. Favorite movie or tv show?

House of Cards. Go watch it.


8. Favorite food?

Favorite food is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, though anything from Chik Fil A is a close second.


9. Favorite hobby outside of JSA?


Outside of JSA, I enjoy sleeping, eating and soccer. Though even when I’m not in JSA, I am still heavily involved in politics. Whether that be in local or state elections, I’m always trying to get involved in a campaign.


10. Favorite subject in school?

I have never enjoyed a class to the degree that I do for AP Gov & Politics.  If your school offers it I would highly recommend taking it.

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