Meet the New Elected Officials: ECR Mayor Corey Scheinfeld

  1. Why did you decide to run for your position?

Throughout my high school career, I have been fascinated to be a part of the largest student-run organization in the country. And as I became more and more involved with JSA, I aspired to become a part of that wonderful fact. JSA has given me a passion that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, so I ran to pass that down to others in the best way possible, while at the same time furthering my own experiences.

  1. Who were some of your JSA mentors who helped you become who you are today?

I would say I have been most inspired by three people. The current mayor, Armana Islam, the current governor, Kamren Parsa, and my close friend, Elijah Pomerantz, the current director of logistics. Each of these people has inspired me to join the ranks of those involved in our government and shown me the true meaning behind being a part of JSA. Besides this, they have all given me great values, ranging from hard work and persistence to love, kindness, and friendship.

  1. What was your reaction when you learned you won?

I was absolutely thrilled when I learned of my victory. Being mayor was not something I even dreamed about Freshman year, but there I was. It truly was an astonishing moment that I will remember forever.

  1. What will your main focus be for next year?

Well, there are a lot of things I want to improve in our region. I could talk on for hours, but I’ll boil it down to this: more participation during events besides overnight conventions. One-days, chapter-cons, and the up and coming debate nights are fantastic ways to keep the JSA experience constant throughout the year, and more participation will only increase the value of these experiences.

  1. Political Icon?

My political icon is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His leadership during such a tough time in American history is truly a great feat, and he is a model for all of our future leaders. His calm, knowledgeable tactics in dealing with hardship saved our nation, and for that, he deserves to be remembered throughout all of history.

  1. Favorite JSA memory?

Well, it’s sort of a continuous thing. At every single overnight convention since Fall State 2015 year, two of my friends and I would dance to Shake it Off at the party. It seems small, but just dancing and shouting the lyrics at the top of your lungs without a care in the world is something that has stuck with me all these years.

  1. Favorite movie or tv show?

The Office by far. One of my favorite ways to procrastinate and a hilarious show- it never fails to keep me laughing!

  1. Favorite musical artist

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite musical artist, I happen to be more of a fan of Broadway. Some of my favorite plays include Hamilton, Waitress, and Something Rotten.

  1. Favorite food?

Salad, because salad can be a combination of anything. Regular salad? Chocolate Salad? Pizza Salad? Who knows! The possibilities are endless.

  1. Favorite hobby outside of JSA?

Outside of JSA, I am very active in another club at my school, Hope from the Heart. In this club, we do different fundraisers to raise money for children with cancer and certain cancer organizations. It’s a great cause that is not only very close to my heart but important to me as well.

  1. Favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is most likely US history. I love learning about the past and how our country has persevered through many obstacles to be the shining light of democracy it is today.

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