NES Activism Initiatives

Access to Education
This year JSA will bring back the Bring Back our Girls movement and extend it to not just girls everyone around the world, including the US who struggle to get a basic education In many countries, people have limited to no access to a proper education. A Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai, has been advocating for a change to this corrupt education system. The organization she started, the Malala Fund, invests money in building schools that provide education for girls who would normally be denied such education. Additionally for all people including the US, it is hard for people to obtain a high school education and college, and we can fight for the right for everyone to have an equal education.

We can incorporate this into JSA by signing petitions to advance education for people (especially girls) and having guest speakers from the organization (maybe even Malala herself). Additionally, we can have at conventions and one days thought talks and debates about supporting access to a good education both globally and in the US. Additionally chapters can bring up girls education by showing videos, doing thought talks and fundraising and spreading awareness by doing a Public Service Announcement. Finally, JSA can organize fundraisers and gatherings for this cause by having an activism day for girls’ education.

For Fallstate: Education Nation: At Fall state we will have an activism block in which participants go around and participate in hands-on activism activities.

  • 1st station: Understanding the issue: at this station, participants will have the opportunity to watch videos, check out the websites, pick up news articles.
  • 2nd station: Meet the people: Here, delegates will be able to talk to leaders in the educational community, ask questions, and most importantly, learn what they can do to make a difference in education. Delegates will also have the opportunities to make donations here.
  • 3rd station: Letter writing to leaders: Here, delegates can write letters to their congressmen or senators concerning education and what they can do to support it.
  • 4th station: Hands-on: Here, delegates will be participating in hands on activities including making posters to hang at school, make bring back our girls signs, etc.
  • 5th station: Book Drive: Here, delegates can donate used books which will be donated to schools that need them. Delegates write their names, chapters and the number and name of books they donated and the person.

Feeding America- Fighting Hunger and Poverty in the US
Hunger affects all people in the U.S. and all ages. The productivity of our country would greatly improve if we addressed this root issue and was able to help feed everyone in
need. Hunger and poverty often are interconnected, yet poverty is not the ultimate determinant of food insecurity. People living above the poverty line are often at risk of hunger as well. Research demonstrates that unemployment, rather than poverty, is a better predictor of food insecurity among people living in the United States.
In various conventions, the Northeast JSA will be given the opportunity to sign the pledge for the organization; opting to join the fight in reducing hunger around the nation. The JSA will also be responsible for hosting a food bank – collecting foods that meet the requirements of the organization. Through this opportunity, JSAers will become fully aware that it does not require hundreds of dollars to impact the life another human being. The food will be sent to charity and help their fellow neighbors in need. The statesmen will shed light on the futures of those less fortunate than themselves.

*Put together bags of food at Fall State.
– Throughout Fall State, we will have a bagging station where you can bag food that will be given to food shelters (Rosie’s Place maybe?). We will have a little sign that gives statistics about hunger and poverty in America. People will write how many bags they did (honour system) and what chapter they’re from. The person who bags the most will get a special prize (tba), and the chapter that bags the most will get one too. Additionally the chapter that does the most will be considered for becoming chapter of the year.