Cabinet Member of the Month

As a new program this year, your Elected Officials will pick one outstanding cabinet member each month to recognize for their hard work to improve the state!

January cabinet member of the month: THOMAS BOUTROS

Our February cab member of the month is our fabulous Director of Activities Tom Boutros. <3┬áTom truly went above and beyond at Winter Congress, from setting up the achievements on JSApp and running the NES Snapchat account to dealing with late DJs and chairing committees on both days, along with looking after his chapter as Amity Chapter President. He’s a true team player, always willing to take on more than is required of him, and we’re so lucky to have him on cab!

*also ask him about the Kendall & Kylie app if you get the chance*


December Cabinet Member of the month: DEREK LO

This NER Conference Coordinator has gone above and beyond in his line of duty. Derek consistently shows his motivation and perseverance in ensuring that regional events are as amazing as possible. Through agenda planning, booking keynote speakers, and helping run One Days, there is no doubt that he is an exceptional cabinet member.

derek lo

November Cabinet Member of the Month: Kamran Parsa

Serving as one of the NES Convention Coordinators, Kamran Parsa worked tirelessly to make Fall State a success. Although he was not able to attend, he put in countless hours to make the agenda perfect. He contributes to the cohesiveness of cabinet as a whole by being consistent with his astounding work ethic and timeliness.
Kamran Parsa

October Cabinet Member of the Month: Ann Puthumana

As the ECR’s Co-Director of Communications, Ann Puthumana from Clarkstown South has gone above and beyond her responsibilities and been a true role model for the entire Communications department. Ann has worked incredibly hard to help chapters grow, fundraise, and represent themselves at events. She is always there to lend a hand to any cabinet member, and take on any duties and responsibilities necessary to better the state. Last, but certainly not least, she has kept a 54 Day Snap Streak with ECR Vice Mayor Jake Tuckman as of November 1, 2015.

September Cabinet Member of the Month: Elijah Pomerantz

In his position as co-Director of Fundraising, Elijah personally raised over $1,700 for the fund and spearheaded the social media campaign to solicit donations to the NES Classy page. We have raised over $8,000 in September alone, which was our initial fundraising goal for the entire year! The Northeast State currently ranks third in the nation for fundraising activity.