Gubernatorial Cabinet

Elected Official

Kamran Parsa: Governor

Executive Department

Roger Chen: Chief of Staff

Communications and Relations
Michael Morin: Director of Technology

Sarah Moon: Director of Communications

Gissell Lopez: Assistant Director of Communications

Raj Dhage: Director of Public Relations

Izzy Ma: Director of Public Relations

Abigail Rogot: Director of Media Productions

Convention Department

Convention Coordinators
Holden Higgins: Co-Convention Coordinator

Derek Lo: Co-Convention Coordinator

Debate Department
Gabriel Coll: Executive Director of Debate

Charlotte Pappas: Director of Debate

Adam Wolpert: Director of Debate

Luc Pakey: Director of Debate

Spencer Kinyon: Director of Debate

Elijah Pomerantz: Director of Logistics

Jonah Skolnik: Director of Logistics

Alexa “Lexi” Rudley: Director of Activities

National Cabinet

Karl Meakin: National Chief of Staff

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