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[h3]Chapter Growth Guide [/h3] This document contains tips and ideas to help improve the inner workings of one’s JSA chapter, the chapter’s prominence on the state level, and its influence in one’s community. Chapter presidents are strongly encouraged to look through the Chapter Growth Guide in order to find solutions to common problems and to gain an understanding of exactly what resources are available to them in growing their chapters. Inside, you will find insight into in and out-of-school publicity, the foundations of the club, activism, transfer of power, and even a complete resource guide that explains where important information can be found on the JSA website. Download Now

Also, for new chapters, we have a Chapter Startup Guide as well as a guide to Taking Charge Of Your Chapter.[h3]Convention Dress Code[/h3] This document contains the necessary attire that a delegate must wear throughout a Northeast State convention. Please make sure every member of your chapter reads and understands the dress code. If members of your chapter do not closely follow these requirements for state conventions AT ALL TIMES, they may be asked to change into something more appropriate. Download Now [h3]JSA Handbook[/h3] One of the easiest ways to learn about JSA is through reading the JSA handbook. It includes information about the background of JSA, and important information on what to expect throughout the school year at conferences and other JSA events. Download Now [h3]Chapter Binder[/h3] Although this is only mailed to the first founding Chapter President of every chapter, every chapter president should use this as a resource to run his or her chapter. It contains information on every aspect of the Junior State schoolyear program. Don’t be intimidated by its massive size; it is meant to be used as a reference guide — when you need to know something specific, use the navigation along the left side of the PDF file to find the section you need. Download Now [h3]Chapter Leadership Form[/h3] To maintain official chapter status, every chapter must do two things at the start of every school year: 1) Chapters must turn in a new Chapter Leadership Form and 2) Chapters must submit membership dues. Use this form to inform JSA of your chapter leadership’s contact information for the upcoming year. Download Now [h3]Membership Form[/h3] Use this form to pay membership dues. To maintain official chapter status, you need a minimum of 8 people in your chapter who each pay $3 per person in membership dues. Write contact information for your dues-paid chapter members on this Membership Dues Form and mail or fax to the JSA Washington, D.C. office. Download Now [h3]First Meeting Handout[/h3] This handout can be used during your first meeting with incoming members, or use it at a “club rush” where the new class of freshmen will be hearing from you to learn what JSA is. This handout lays out what JSA is all about, teaching new members what JSA is all about easily, and getting them interested in JSA. It is also great because it can be brought home to parents at a PTA meeting, so that they can learn about JSA, and get interested in having their kid do it. It can even be given to teachers! It is both great for the first meeting, and for advertising! Download Now [h3]JSA Activism[/h3] This is a resource for all JSA members, to give them ideas on how to give back to the community and get involved. JSA is much more than just debating: there are multiple ways in which students can get involved, and this extends beyond simple charitable donations. This, ultimately, is a guide for chapter presidents and chapter members to help take their JSA experience to the next level. Download Now [h3]What is JSA?[/h3] Use this flyer/poster to gather interest among students in your school, specifically freshmen and sophomores. You can post this around the school, distribute it at club fairs, pass it around the hallway, etc. Edit the flyer to make it specific to your chapter. This will help answer the most important question you will be asked – “What is JSA?” Download Now [h3]First Meeting Poster[/h3] Post this flyer around your school to advertise for your first meeting. You will probably be nervous to run your first meeting, so hopefully this will lower your anxiety! It will help get people interested in JSA around the school. Edit the flyer to make it specific to your chapter meeting. You can also use this for future meetings – not just the first one! It is always a good idea to advertise all of your meetings; that way, you can get new members throughout the whole year. Poster 1: Download Now Poster 2: Download Now [h3]Fundraising[/h3] Use this document to help give you ideas for fundraising. Often, the importance of fundraising is underestimated. This document was created to help give you ideas on how to fundraise. It also gives you different areas in which you can use the funds you raise. Fundraising will make running your chapter much easier! Download Now

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