Start a Chapter

Follow these steps to setup a chapter in your school

  1. Contact Us!
    Firstly and most importantly, contact us at or through this form to establish communications with the Northeast Expansion Department. We’ll get back to you A.S.A.P and will be more than happy to guide you through the process of establishing an official chapter!
  2. Membership
    Make sure to do a lot of advertising in your school, through posters and communication, in order to acquire the official minimum of 8 members. Once you have the official minimum, collect the standard tax of $5 per member through this membership dues form.
  3. Leadership
    If you are starting a chapter, you will act as the mandatory Chapter President for the year. Teacher advisors are also necessary to start a chapter. A great place to find willing teachers would be in your school’s social studies department.
  4. Resources
    There are a lot of resources on this website including posters, guides, handbooks, and fundraising tools at your disposal to ease the job of starting up a chapter. They are located here. Feel free to contact the expansion department for additional resources and help.

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