ORV History

After starting in Northern California, JSA reached places like Texas and what is now known as the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic State by 1990. This large, politically diverse area in the middle became known as the Midwest. In 1998, the Council of Governors accepted a petition from Lakota East named Operation Mitosis, dividing the Midwest into the Midwest state and the Ohio Kentucky Region. A concentration of JSA schools developed in Cincinnati and Kentucky, making this change necessary. The Ohio Kentucky Region was renamed the Ohio River Valley Region after growth in Ohio.

In 2003, it became the Ohio River Valley Territory, under the leadership of Governor Jessica Singleton. In order to become a territory, a region must reach certain levels of chapters and tax paid members; in order to become a state, they must reach a higher threshold. Slowly but surely, chapters started developing in areas further north, like Cincinnati. In the spring of 2005, Governor Senthu Arumugum from Miamisburg led this once territory into statehood. From there, JSA symposiums were held at OSU, which sparked the growth of more chapters in Ohio.

But while amazing development was happening in Ohio, the number of chapters in Kentucky was shrinking. In 2006-07, the ORV hit its peak with 925 tax paid members under the leadership of both Governors Matt Migala and then Katlin Rust. Gradually the ORV lost size, but it was in 2010-11 that this decrease was most noticeable; the ORV shrunk by 38%. From the spring of 2011 through the spring of 2012, Governor Saayee Arumugum, brother of Senthu Arumugum, brought the ORV to be alive and well again, with a huge increase in number of chapters. The current year of 2016-2017 looks even brighter. Even if the base has shifted from Kentucky and Cincinnati up to Cincinnati and Columbus, the ORV continues to grow and spread JSA, so that all students can enjoy all that JSA is.

List of ORV Governors & Lieutenant Governors

Year(s) in Office Governor, Chapter Lieutenant Governor
1999 – 2000 Tony Vorell, Holy Name N/A
2000 – 2001 Laetitia Piche, Lakota West N/A
2001 – 2002 Dan Meyers, Kenston N/A
2002 – 2003 Steven Haag, Summit Country Day N/A
2003 – 2004 Jessie Singleton, Dobyns-Bennett Nick Faulkner, Summit Country Day
2004 – 2005 Senthu Arumugum, Miamisburg Benjamin Van Der Horst, Seven Hills Upper School
2005 – 2006 Matt Migala, Seven Hills Upper School Jane Killian, St. Vincent – St. Mary
Aug-Dec 2006
Matt Migala, Seven Hills Upper School Katlin Rust, Scott
Jan-Aug 2007 Katlin Rust, Scott Stephan Sebastian, Dobyns-Bennett
2007 – 2008 Rita Rochford, St. Vincent – St. Mary Sruti Ramadugu, Avon
2008 – 2009 Niraj Antani, Miamisburg Alice Xiang, Dobyns-Bennett
2009 – 2010 Liz Litteral, Dublin Scioto Rachel Zupan, Ashland
2010 – 2011 Raja Gupta, Troy Alex Lange, Bexley
2011 – 2012 Saayee Arumugum, Miamisburg Shannon Williams, Union Local
2012 – 2013 Jordan Dicken Tim Kocher, Dublin Scioto
2013 – 2014 Winston Underwood, Dublin Scioto Lokita Rajan, New Albany
2014 – 2015 Michael Lahanas, Miamisburg Jane Klaus, Ursuline Academy
2015 – 2016 Charles Zhang, New Albany Isaac Brett Mitchell, Lakota East
2016 – 2017 Nari Johnson, Dublin Coffman Thomas Pollack, New Albany
2017 – 2018 Weston Lindner, Lakota East Shane Ausmus, Dublin Coffman




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