What is Activism?

The Activism Department oversees all activism initiatives in the Ohio River Valley.  Activism is what makes JSA an incredible and influential organization. JSA allows students to build and express their beliefs, yet, activism allows students to apply those beliefs to the betterment of their communities. From political to social activism, JSA assists students in making a difference in their communities and their world. Activism is what makes JSA truly vital to the future of our country, and we constantly strive to fulfill our goal of across-the-board activism from every JSA member.

Director of Activism 

Gene Kim

Hi everyone! My name is Gene and I’m extremely excited to be serving as your Director of Activism this year! Outside of JSA I do Science Olympiad, Student Council, and volunteer with kids. I enjoy music, history, Korean food, and hope to be a pediatrician someday.

Deputy DIRECTOR OF Political Engagement

Noura Fayyazi

Hi! I’m Noura Fayyazi, and I’m incredibly honored to be serving as Deputy Director of Political Engagement (DDope) this year. Outside of JSA I partake in orchestra, theatre, student council, key club, and dabble in polylinguistics. I hope this year our cabinet can serve JSA with the upmost effort. Also, follow me on instagram @nouraf07 if you please.

Activism Specialists

David Sanabria

Hello everyone! My name is David Sanabria and I am extremely excited to be an Activism Specialist this year! I am currently a junior at Lakota East High School, along with JSA my hobbies are playing baseball and volleyball and reading about history. I am looking forward to an awesome year in the ORV.


Hi, I am Yolani Ponce and I am a Junior at Dublin Coffman High School. I currently serve as the Chapter President of Dublin Coffman. I joined JSA my freshman year and I have loved it ever since. Outside of JSA, I like to play the cello.

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