Chapter Resources

The Ohio River Valley is pleased to provide a wealth of resources and information to new, potential, and established chapters.   These resources are categorized into Starting a Chapter, Chapter Health, Debate, and Convention, and can be found below.  Click on the link to any resource to access it:



Notable Alumni


Starting a Chapter


Chapter Start-Up Guide
Steps to Starting a chapter




Chapter Health


Chapter Fundraising Guide
Chapter Leadership form
Fight Apathy sample letter to administrator
taking charge of your chapter




Fight apathy guide
fight Apathy poster
Fight apathy poster 1
Fight apathy poster 2
Post-fall state chapter activism ideas
voter registration guide



Fall state student guide
Spring State Guide
Winter Congress Guide 



Bill Writing Guide
How to Write a Debate brief
List of topics
logical fallacies Resource 
Thought talk handbook
Thought talk how-to




Fundraising Guide



Please see the “Convention” page of the ORV website for information on conventions and how to sign up.

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