Chapter Resources

The Ohio River Valley is pleased to provide a wealth of resources and information to new, potential, and established chapters.   These resources are categorized into Starting a Chapter, Chapter Health, Debate, and Convention, and can be found below.  Click on the link to any resource to access it:

Starting a Chapter:

Chapter Start-Up Guide

This provides a basic instructional guide on how to create a JSA chapter at your high school, including the people you’d need to talk to in order to get started.

How To Write a Constitution

One of the things each chapter needs is a constitution. This is the basic layout on how to start your chapters constitution along with providing an example of how to write it.

Chapter Materials Request Form

This is a page to fill out for your chapter needs or questions.

Tax Form

Taxes are a mandatory part of JSA, here is the tax sheet that will need filled out by each chapter.

Chapter Leadership Form

Your chapter will elect chapter cabinet officials and fill this page out with their contact information.


This is the main JSA site. Every JSA member needs to register for MyJSA upon becoming involved in JSA.

Chapter Health

Chapter of the Year

Every year one chapter in each region is selected based on their involvement and rewarded at the Spring State convention

Fundraising Guide

The conventions can be expensive, but here are some ways to help reduce the cost so your chapter can still attend.

Chapter President’s Guide

This provides insight on the jobs and  responsibilities of being elected your chapter’s president.


Mini Debate Handbook

This is a shortened version of the debate handbook with the most vital information about debates.

Debate Handbook

The full length debate handbook goes more in depth and provides more information on debates and the debating process. It includes information on how to prepare and support an argument along with other useful material.

Moderator Handbook

A moderator has the responsibility of keeping structure in the debate. These guidelines will help uphold those responsibilities.

Thought Talk Handbook

Thought Talks are another important activity that help make your meetings more engaging, check out the handbook above.


Please see the “Convention” page of the ORV website for information on conventions and how to sign up.

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