Welcome to the ORV Convention page! This page will be periodically updated with relevant information related to our next overnight convention. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Convention Coordinators, Sara Alsammerai and Andrew Bruns.

ORV Fall STATE 2017:  Our Nation, Our Values
November 11-12

Sheraton Columbus at Capitol Square & the Ohio Statehouse
Columbus, OH

Registration Packet
Early Bird (Discounted) DUE DATE: October 3
Regular Due Date:  October 23

This document includes instructions for how to register your chapter for the convention, including permission slips for chapter members, MyJSA instructions, and more.

DEBATE, Moderator, and Mock Supreme Court Case Sign-Up
Due Date: October 16

Signing up to debate on bills and resolutions gives you a platform to speak about causes that you’re passionate about, or gain valuable experience with public speaking. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will be selected to speak or moderate. However, we will do our absolute best to give everyone who signs up at least one debate, regardless of experience. With this in mind, we encourage you to sign up for as many debates as you feel comfortable speaking in. Even if you are not selected, we still urge you to prepare an argument and volunteer as a subsequent speaker.

Congress Block Sign-Up
Due Date: October 16

The Congress block is a great way to debate an issue you’re passionate about if it’s not one of our state-written debate resolutions. Students will propose bills to Senate and House of Representative chambers and will have to give a speech to persuade their delegates to pass their bill. If you would be interested in either writing and proposing a bill or chairing/clerking the room (similar to moderating the room) visit this link.


This guide is GREATLY helpful in publicizing the convention within your chapter and giving your members a general sense of what the convention and organization is like.

Volunteer Application
Due Date: October 20

While most of the work planning and running conventions is carried out by the ORV State Cabinet, we do request volunteers at each convention, both as a way to get people involved and as a way to make sure all the jobs get done.  Volunteers are recruited to take pictures, aid in navigation around the statehouse, run the merchandise table, and more.

Junior State Salute Guide
Coming Soon!

With Fall State taking place over Veterans Day weekend, JSA students nationwide will be writing thousands of letters to veterans thanking them for their service.   This guide will help you hold a Junior State Salute event at your school if you choose, so that students who don’t attend Fall State can participate too.  The guide includes a Junior State letter head and instructions.

Chapter Fundraising Guide

The ORV is often successful in meeting all demonstrated need for Fall State through our scholarship program, but unfortunately, sometimes we are not able to do so.  The best way you can ensure that everyone in your chapter can attend Fall State is to fundraise as a chapter so you can give chapter scholarships for Fall State.  This guide will help you with that endeavor.

Old Resources

Scholarship Application
DUE DATE has passed

JSA values diversity in all its forms, and we are committed to the principle that cost should not be a barrier hindering convention attendance.  For that reason, we offer scholarships for students to attend conventions.  This form allows students to apply for a partial or full scholarship to Fall State.  After the first deadline of September 15, one batch of scholarships will be awarded using the scholarship money the ORV has raised up to that point. For those who miss the first deadline, or if the state is unable to meet all demonstrated need in the first round, the ORV will award another batch of scholarships after the September 26 deadline.


“Columbus Capitol” by Enrique Fern├índez is licensed under CC BY 2.0.