What is debate?

The Debate Department is tasked with coming up with debates for overnight conventions as well as suggested debates for chapter meetings.  They write briefs with pros and cons for each debate.  At conventions they make sure all debates go smoothly.



Hi! I’m Hana Baran, a junior at Lake Ridge Academy. Aside from JSA, I like to involve myself in as much as humanly possible. I’m a part of Model United Nations, Mock Trial, and various other clubs that involve public speaking. I’m also an artist and am currently putting on shows to help promote my political messages! I can’t wait to help the Ohio River Valley strive!




joseph laforest

lilly lin

I’m Lilly Lin and I’m a senior at Dublin Coffman this year! I am involved in many clubs at my school, but JSA is definitely the most interesting and engaging. I love meeting new people and talking about politics, so what other club is better? :) During my free time, I enjoy singing opera and playing the piano. I am a Republican, but don’t worry, I don’t support Donald Trump. #Rubæo

Elizabeth Roscoe

Hey! I’m Elizabeth Roscoe and I’m so excited to be serving as a debate specialist this year on cabinet. I am a senior at Dublin Coffman High School and enjoy spending my time participating in Cross Country and Track, while also baking tons of foods on the weekends (let me know if you want anything).


Daniel Dassow

Hi, I’m Daniel Dassow and I am a sophomore at Chattanooga Christian School. Besides serving as debate director for my chapter, I also enjoy theatre, improv, cooking, volunteering, writing for the newspaper, and watching any political TV show. I am so excited to be able to serve on the department that I believe to be at the heart of JSA and can’t wait to see our progress this year!



Hi everyone! I’m Reilly and I’m so excited to be a debate specialist for the ORV this year, as well as Hamilton’s CP! Other than JSA, I’m actively involved in ASTRA, NHS, Student Government, Civic Day, Drama, Show Choir, and Varsity Academic Quiz Team. I’m a liberal democrat, and my favorite topics to write/debate about are foreign policy and social issues. So excited for ORV JSA this year!

Thomas Kiser

Hello and welcome to the Debate Department page! My name is Thomas Kiser and I am currently a freshman at Chattanooga Christian School. In my free time, I am usually completing debate assignments, avoiding debate assignments, or writing bios for the ORV website. If you have any questions about Debate, please send me an email!


Gordan Liu

My name is Gordan and I’m a sophomore at Worthington Kilbourne High School. This is our first year as a school chapter and I couldn’t be happier about how things are going. The JSA family has been very welcoming and is always there to help. Now as a cabinet member, I can’t wait to further political discussion among the youth and continue spreading the message of JSA!


Shahad Salman

Hi, I’m Shahad Salman, and I’m a freshman at Dublin Coffman! I love to write – whether it be creatively, for contests, for a media outlet or for the ORV Debate department. I’m in a mix of clubs, but JSA would have to be my favorite because it’s such a great outlet to express my political interests. Alongside writing, I started swimming last year, and I also love to volunteer, draw, read, and look at pictures of young Biden.