What is Executive?

The Executive Department consists of the two state elected officials (Governor and Lieutenant Governor), two district elected officials (Co-Mayors), and the offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, including Chief of Staff and other positions.  The Executive Department leads the Cabinet and can be found doing a wide variety of day to day tasks, all working towards making the ORV a better state.


Weston Lindner

Hello!  I’m excited to be serving as Ohio River Valley Governor this year, my 4th year in JSA.  A strong believer in the mission of JSA, I’m here to strengthen our work toward that mission and expand the reach of JSA to more people.

Lieutenant Governor

Shane Ausmus

Hey ORV! My name’s Shane, and I have the privilege of being your Lieutenant Governor this year. My primary jobs are to oversee expansion, activism, public relations, and fundraising. When I’m not getting political, you can probably find me volunteering, playing the piano, or crushing piles of IB Diploma homework. I can’t wait for this JSA season to begin!

 Governor’s Chief of Staff

Reilly Johnson

Hi everyone! I’m Reilly and I’m so excited to be the Governor’s Chief of Staff for the ORV this year, as well as Hamilton’s Co-CP! Other than JSA, I’m actively involved in ASTRA, NHS, Student Government, Civic Day, Drama, Show Choir, and Varsity Academic Quiz Team. I’m a liberal democrat, and I absolutely love debating, particularly social and foreign policy. So lit for ORV JSA this year!!!

Lieutenant Governor’s Chief of Staff

Sarah howard

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Ryan Ackerman


Julia Lotterer

 North Central District Mayor

Tess Woosley

Hi everyone! My name is Tess Woosley and I am currently serving as your NCD Mayor of the ORV. I am a Junior at Dublin Coffman, and I have been an active member of JSA since Freshman year. Additionally, I volunteer at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, work as a waitress at Dewey’s Pizza, and spend most of my time reading and doing schoolwork for the IB Diploma. Looking forward to an amazing year!


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