The Pacific Northwestern State was formed in the early 1970s by an early Seattle student collective that advocated for the revision of trade regulations during the Economic Crisis of the early-1970s, along with advocacy for social equality. Paralleling the ideas and functioning of JSA chapters in the Californian Region at the time, this student collective eventually was assimilated into JSA as the national organization’s first outcrop in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, the Pacific Northwestern Region has experienced a vast influx of social, economic, and demographical changes with the rise of the technological industry and vast migrations into the Pacific Northwest. The rapid progression of the Pacific Northwestern Region translated into increased membership counts and the development of one of the most diverse JSA States in the nation.

The Pacific Northwestern State is currently one of the Junior State of America’s largest affiliates, encompassing over 50 chapters over three geographical divisions: The Great Pacific Region, The Inland Empire Region, and Oregon Empire.

The Great Pacific Region (GPR)


Encompassing all of Western Washington, The Great Pacific Region is currently PNW JSA’s largest geographical division in terms of member-count and chapter participation. Spanning from the lush greenery of the Western Cascades to the thick metropolises of the Seattle/Greater Seattle region, the GPR holds a great level of diversity amongst all fronts. PNW Fall State and PNW Spring State are both held within this region, amongst the various Chapter Conferences hosted by chapters within the area.

GPR Representatives: 


           Sidney Hershey                                Nick Liang

               GPR MAYOR                                GPR Vice-Mayor

The Inland Empire Region (IER)


Covering all territories eastwards of the Cascades, The Inland Empire of Washington State hosts some of the PNW’s most dedicated chapters in the PNW. With chapters situated all over Eastern Washington, the IER incorporates a unique blend of diverse and motivated individuals into the potpourri of PNW JSA. Despite the distance, IER members make the effort to attend Regional Conventions in the GPR and OR, and host some of the best Chapter Conventions in the entire PNW.



     Maliq Phakdamanivong                Jayla Jones

               IER MAYOR                           IER VICE-MAYOR

The Oregon Region (OR)


The host of PNW’s Winter Congress, The Oregon Region is PNW JSA’s fastest developing region in terms of regional infrastructure and membership attendance. With chapter attendance increasing year-by-year, the OR incorporates a unique set of motivated individuals that strive to fight political apathy and inspire political discourse within communities across the OR.



              Elise Johnson                          LIam Bendicksen

                 OR MAYOR                                     OR MAYOR