Chapter Affairs


Hallie Wagner, Director of Chapter Affairs

Hallie Wagner is a Junior at Palisades Charter High School. She fell in love with JSA the minute she joined at the start of her freshman year and has been involved ever since. She has been thrilled to attend several One-Day conferences, summer programs, conventions, and the Montezuma leadership summit. In addition to JSA, Hallie is an active member of her school’s debate and mock trial teams and is also involved with Youth and Government. In her free time, Hallie can be found sleeping, watching obscene amounts of television, and hanging out with friends. Hallie is starting her second term as president of her chapter and has previously served on state cabinet as a Chapter Coordinator. Hallie is excited to lead the Chapter Affairs department this year and is looking forward to another great year.



Meghan Wang, Assistant Director of Chapter Affairs

Meghan Wang is a senior at Valencia High School. With her first JSA One Day in her freshman year, she immediately became interested in the amazingly detailed organization of JSA. Through JSA, Meghan has been able to not only learn from and participate in debates but also become a member of this exceptional student-based organization.

Upon becoming a JSA member, Meghan has learned more and more about politics, recent controversial topics, and how students can speak with such eloquence. With every convention in JSA, Meghan began to feel more and more comfortable as a JSA member and also hopes to make others feel the same. This is her third year serving on Cabinet, as a Chapter Coordinator sophomore year and Assistant Director of Chapter Affairs last year.

Besides JSA, Meghan is also a member of her school’s Science Olympiad team and a number of service clubs. She also enjoys taekwondo, playing piano, making science puns, and spending time with family and friends.



Chloe Kim, One Day Coordinator

Chloe Kim is a Junior from Centennial High School. Encouraged to join Junior State by her older sibling, she was introduced to activities and debates as early as eighth grade and officially became a tax paid member her freshman year. Completely captivated by her peers’ passion for free speech and political activism, she wanted to expand that experience JSA has given her to others.
Ever since her first one day she has been an avid member going to as many conventions and events as possible. Although she has not gone to a summer institute yet she hopes to in the future. She has served on the convention support staff which was a catalyst to her desire to expand and help more.
Other than JSA, Chloe plays varsity tennis for her school and volunteers at a hospice. In addition, she likes organizing and cleaning to help de-stress.




Franky Alvarez, Chapter Coordinator

Franky Alvarez is a Senior at Alliance Tennenbaum Technology High School where she is the Vice President of her JSA chapter. She has been a member of JSA since the beginning of her junior year and was immediately amazed by the amount of passion each student possessed. After her first one-day, she was ready to actively serve JSA in any way she can. Although she is fairly new to JSA, she is dedicated to her role as Chapter Coordinator and is excited about the 2017-2018 year.
Aside from JSA, Franky enjoys writing, reading and collecting posters of her favorite movies and bands. She participates in her school cheerleading team, debate, and often volunteers at Lincourt Stables where she works with horses. In her free time, she enjoys going on spontaneous adventures with her friends and family.




Ji Yoo Jeong, Chapter Coordinator

Ji Yoo Jeong is a senior at Valencia High School and has been an avid JSAdvocate since her freshman year when she stumbled upon the opportunity to attend her first JSA convention. Her 3 days and 2 nights at the 2015 Spring State Convention had completely transformed her outlook on global, national, and state issues and reinforced her belief on how every voice matters.

Ji Yoo has put to practice this belief and perspectives for three years since her first encounter with the people of JSA. She now serves as Valencia High School’s Chapter Co-President as well as one of your Chapter Coordinators!

When not involved in JSA or periods of hibernation, Ji Yoo spends time making art, resisting the urgency of social media, and creating new memories with every day.


Joann Song, Chapter Coordinator

Joann Song is a senior at Crescenta Valley High School. She has been involved with JSA since her freshman year and has served as a chapter coordinator for the last two years. Outside of JSA, Joann is dedicated to writing about community involvement for her local newspapers. In her free time, she enjoys reading sci-fi and hanging out with her friends. She would like to give a memorable JSA adventure to others.



Jose Miranda, Chapter Coordinator

Jose Miranda is currently a senior at Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School. During the summer of 2016, Jose got the opportunity to go to the UCLA leadership institute, where he was introduced to JSA. The warm, friendly environment and the youth empowerment intrigued him into joining JSA. His initial hesitation of fitting into the JSA family was quickly dissolved by the time he attended his first convention: Fall State. He was fully fallen in love with JSA and with the numerous opportunities it gives youth to express their valuable opinions.

His Junior year has been a complete blast. He’s attended every convention and has met so many great people. His senior year seems to be even more promising since he’s been given the chance to be Mohan Chapter President and a SoCal Chapter Coordinator. He hopes to make even more friends at JSA and bring in new family members.

Although JSA is one of his biggest passions, Jose also does community service and enjoys being a youth group member at his local church. Jose also finds joy in playing basketball, going bowling with his family, and watching Friends on Netflix. He hopes to meet you all very soon!



Natasha Shapiro

28547335834_635e199423_oNatasha Shapiro is a senior at Milken Community School and has been a part of JSA since her sophomore year. She was drawn in by and still enjoys the combination of debate and the ability to learn about current issues in our political climate.

Since then, Natasha has attended six conventions, as well as several one-days at multiple schools. Last year, Natasha served as Convention Support Staff and is excited to fulfill her role as Chapter Coordinator and Vice President of her school’s chapter this year!

Outside of JSA, Natasha is President of her school’s Speech and Debate and Russian Culture clubs and plays the piano. These days, she can be found listening to the Most Necessary playlist on Spotify, waiting in line for clothes, and being indecisive about college.


Nelia Cortes, Chapter Coordinator

28547346914_4d0901977b_oNoelia Cortes is a senior at John Burroughs High School and has been involved in JSA since her sophomore year. She was drawn in by the passion she saw in her friends at debates and wanted to be a part of the massive impact that JSA makes in the community. After attending her first Fall State, she knew this was an organization she truly believed in. Noelia has previously served her chapter as Director of Activism and Treasurer and was elected Vice President for the coming year. She greatly appreciates the opportunity to serve on Cabinet and looks forward to doing all she can to better the Junior State.



Raymar Lagos, Chapter Coordinator

Raymar Lagos is a junior at John Marshall High School. His first experience with JSA was during his freshman year, where everyone welcomed him with open arms and guided him through the ever so fabulous world of politics. Since then, Raymar has gone to multiple overnight conventions and one days, and would take any opportunity to learn more about what’s going on in the world around him. Outside of JSA, Raymar can be seen being involved in other clubs in his school and volunteering in his community. In his free time, Raymar can be spotted shopping or eating. Raymar is ready to take on this upcoming JSA year as a chapter coordinator and as the co-chapter president of John Marshall.




Rinah Reysen, Chapter Coordinator

Rinah Reysen is a senior at Orange County School of the Arts, where she focuses on Classical Dance. She joined her school’s JSA chapter at the beginning of sophomore year and has been an active participant ever since. This is her second year serving as a Chapter Coordinator, and she is very excited for another great year of JSA. Outside of JSA, Rinah holds the rank of Corporal at the Irvine Police Department’s Explorer program, where she works alongside law enforcement professionals. She also volunteers at her local hospital on a weekly basis. When she is not working, Rinah can be found hanging out with her pug, Sparkles.





Aidan Yoo, Chapter Coordinator

Aidan is a junior at Venice High School and is excited to head into his third year in JSA and second year on cabinet. He is the current chapter president at his school and devotes a great amount of time to the club. He was introduced to JSA three years ago as a timid freshman and was drawn to everything the club had to offer. It offered insight to the world around him, offered him a place to share his opinions and allowed him to mature into who he is today. He is ready to serve and help spread JSA and these opportunities with as many peers as possible.

As Aidan heads into his third year of JSA, he will have attended 5 conventions and a multitude of one days. This is also Aidan’s second year on Cabinet where he will again serve as a chapter coordinator. He is excited to be working as such a vital component of the junior state and helping to keep the state connected as a whole.

Outside of JSA, Aidan can be found juggling school and life. He will often be seen stressing over APs and more clubs than he can handle. He also serves as class president and captain of the solar cup team.



Melinda Zou, Chapter Coordinator

Melinda Zou is a junior at Whitney High where she served and will serve as Director of Expansion for sophomore and junior year.

After attending her first conference, Winter Congress in 2017, Melinda couldn’t get enough of JSA and had the amazing opportunity to attend One Days, another overnight convention, and the Montezuma Leadership Summit. All of which, further heightened her dedication for JSA *and the people in it.

When Melinda isn’t thinking about JSA, doing JSA related work, or talking to people in JSA seen can be seen serving customers at Chick Fil A, doing community service or playing tennis, she can also be seen (or not seen frankly) at home eating Alfredo.



Jonah Stern, Chapter Coordinator

Jonah Stern is a sophomore at The Buckley School in Los Angeles. Because of his family’s involvement in the Junior State, he was lucky to be a part of the organization starting in 8th grade. He attended four overnight conferences and was immediately drawn to the organization’s mission to promote and spread civic education.

Since then, Jonah has attended eight conferences and been a member of the Southern California JSA Cabinet. He served as a Chapter Coordinator last year and was able to meet other members of the Junior State, improve his skills as a statesman, and learn more about the Junior State as a whole. He is currently serving as a Chapter Coordinator and the Vice President of the JSA chapter at Buckley.

In addition to JSA, Jonah serves as the Treasurer of the Model United Nations chapter at Buckley and will attend his second National High School Model United Nations conference this year. Finally, Jonah is also an avid musician, he is a member of the school choir, attends a performing arts camp in New York and is a part of the annual musical theatre production as Buckley.




Petik Tangikyan, Chapter Coordinator

28547333004_abe3a94900_oPetik Tangikyan is from the AR region and is currently a sophomore at Rose and Alex Pilibos High School. He has been a part of JSA since his freshman year, during which time he quickly understood the concept of JSA and how much it impacts himself and others. JSA gives a voice to everyone and allows anybody to speak about their ideas, while others respectfully listen to them; leadership and awareness are important traits that JSA instills in its members.

Petik has been attending every convention since his freshman year and has gained the necessary experience to serve his members.

Apart from JSA, Petik takes numerous AP and college classes, volunteers at his local hospital, and is part of a community emergency response team. He also enjoys traveling, going to theme parks, and having new experiences. Petik is ecstatic about his new role, and cannot wait to serve as Chapter Coordinator.




Sade Neri, Chapter Coordinator

28547333004_abe3a94900_oSade Neri is a sophomore at Downey High School. She started at the beginning of her freshman year, introduced by her speech and debate teacher. After her first convention, she found something she was avid about and was so ready to become an active JSAer. Ever since then, she decided to get more involved. She spent her time attending one days, earning a midyear position, and becoming her school’s next chapter president. She looks forward to influencing her chapter in the best way possible and helping out the chapter affairs department. Outside of JSA, she plays with her dogs and niece often and explores new places all over Southern California with her sister.





Jasmine Nguyan, Chapter Coordinator


Jasmine Nguyen is a junior at Canyon High School. She first found out about JSA after attending JSA Summer School at Georgetown, which inspired her to start a JSA chapter at her own school. She is extremely grateful for JSA, as it has helped her to express her opinions and grow in her leadership and public speaking skills.

Now, Jasmine is proudly serving as the Canyon chapter president and is ecstatic to be able to attend JSA conventions and meet other JSA members! Outside of JSA, she is a member of the Anaheim Youth Commission, STEAMport, and Key Club. She enjoys long car rides with her friends, along with seeing musicals at the theater and writing short stories.




Soseh Hovasapian, Chapter Coordinator


Soseh Hovasapian is a sophomore at Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School. She first got involved in JSA her freshman year, a rather popular club at her school, and has attended every convention since, building up leadership and public speaking skills, along with a passion for politics.

She loves the organization, the endless amount of opportunities it offers, and the powerful message it spreads—to always speak up for what you believe in! As a dedicated and passionate Pilibos JSAer, she decided to be an even more active member and apply for SoCal JSA Mid-Year Cabinet. She is very enthusiastic to continue her involvement in JSA as a Chapter Coordinator and is incredibly happy to have been given an opportunity to be a part of such an impeccable organization!

Outside of JSA, Soseh is involved in community service and Armenian Youth Federation, an Armenian youth activism organization. She loves to read books, watch shows on Netflix, travel, and eat.



Tavin Siegel, Chapter Coordinator


I am Tavin Siegel and currently, I am a freshman in High School. I have recently joined JSA as a member hoping to learn and grow with my debate skills, which I have been honing down for the past 4 years! I joined JSA cabinet so that I can do my best to help others join or love JSA as much I do. JSA has done wonders for my life and taught me a plethora of topics in an unbiased way. I hope to be a big part of JSA during my high school life so that others can learn about the organization and love the program as much as I do!