Chapter Affairs


Samia Noor, Director of Chapter Affairs

29135676126_c9ae7f9b64_oSamia has been involved in JSA since her freshman year. JSA has helped her become more involved in politics and also develop as a public speaker. She is grateful to have joined such an amazing organization and be able to meet and connect with such wonderful people throughout the years. Outside of JSA she spends her time pursuing her love for writing and also serving her local community. She works with nonprofits in her city to serve low‐income families. Samia is looking forward to her final year in JSA and everything this year can bring!





Meghan Wang, Assistant Director of Chapter Affairs

28547335364_a8e166845c_oMeghan Wang is a junior at Valencia High School. With her first JSA One Day in her freshman year, she immediately became interested with the amazingly detailed organization of JSA. Through JSA, Meghan has been able to not only learn from and participate in debates but also become a member of this exceptional student based organization.

Upon becoming a JSA member, Meghan has learned more and more about politics, recent controversial topics, and how students can speak with such eloquence. With every convention in JSA, Meghan began to feel more and more comfortable as a JSA member and also hopes to make others feel the same. This is her second year serving on Cabinet, as a Chapter Coordinator last year and Assistant Director of Chapter Affairs this year.

Besides JSA, Meghan is also a member of her school’s Science Olympiad team and a number of service clubs. She also enjoys taekwondo, playing piano, and spending time with family and friends.




Jonah Stern, Chapter Coordinator

28881720540_a6bab18521_oJonah Stern is a freshman at The Buckley School. Jonah is in his second year of JSA after being given the chance to observe multiple overnight conferences while in 8th grade. Although Jonah is also involved in other extracurricular activities such as music, theater, and golf, JSA is the first priority. Throughout the 16‐17 year, Jonah hopes to learn more about how JSA is run and gain important experiences. In his position as a Chapter Coordinator, Jonah is excited to interact with other devoted JSAers, specifically Chapter Presidents from all over the state. He can’t wait to help make the 16‐17 JSA‐year amazing!




Ana Delgado, Chapter Coordinator

29091106981_b3d7f39a08_oAna Delgado is from the CIR region and currently a senior at Carpinteria High School. Ana has been a part of JSA since her freshman year and she has served on cabinet since her sophomore year. This year begins a new chapter and she is very exited to be entering the Chapter Affairs Department as a chapter coordinator. During her time involved in JSA, Ana has loved the diversity in beliefs, the passion and enthusiasm among fellow JSAers, and the amazing networking and academic opportunities JSA offers. Being the middle child, Ana knows how frustrating it can be sometimes when you feel like your voice isn’t being heard, but what she loves most about JSA is how it creates an environment where everyones thoughts are heard and valued. Besides political science, Ana is also passionate about the importance of going to the beach, listening to Beyoncé, and eating chips and guacamole or salsa.(Sounds pretty basic, but the beach and chips are major keys). She can’t wait for this year to unfold!




Hallie Wagner, Chapter Coordinator

29091106881_8d39f20f9a_oHallie Wagner is a rising sophomore at Palisades Charter High School, where she is co‐president of her chapter. She fell in love with JSA the minute she joined at the start of her freshman year, and has since been thrilled to attend eight One‐Day conferences, three overnight conventions, Georgetown Summer School, and the Gene Burd institute at UCLA. In addition to JSA, Hallie is an active member of her school’s debate and mock trial teams and is involved with the YMCA’s Youth and Government program. She also plans to start MUN at her school. In her free time, Hallie can be found sleeping, watching obscene amounts of television, and hanging out with friends. Hallie is extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve as a chapter coordinator and can not wait to start another amazing year in JSA.




Aidan Yoo, Chapter Coordinator

29091106021_652ffab5f4_oAidan Yoo is a sophomore at Venice Senior High that got involved with JSA in an unconventional way. Even though reluctant at first, after attending Spring State last year, he fell in love and was ready to serve actively. Drawn to the ever‐growing and loving JSA community and diversity, he is ready to serve his first year on Socal JSA Cabinet as Chapter Coordinator.

Even though he is still new to entire JSA thing, he is quickly picking it up. He plans on going to as many JSA events as possible, ranging from one days to summer schools. As he grows more experienced, Aidan wants to make JSA his family and hopes to care for every individual in JSA.

Besides being involved in JSA, Aidan is an active part of many clubs in school that span from community service projects to academic competitions. He is often found doing what he loves the most which is spending time with his family and with his friends.




Tyler Wong, Chapter Coordinator

28547333734_bb5fd37775_oTyler Wong is a sophomore at Sage Hill school. During his freshman year, he attended Springs State and immediately took a strong liking towards JSA culture. His background in debate and Model UN combined with a passion for current events made JSA really stand out. In addition to being a chapter coordinator, Tyler participates in student council, drama, as well as GSA.







Ali Gutierrez, Chapter Coordinator

28547335834_635e199423_oAli Gutierrez is a junior at the Orange County School of the Arts in the Musical Theater Conservatory. Although attending her first chapter meeting was a little intimidating due to the unfamiliar faces and ideas, her passion for JSA was clear from the minute she left that meeting at the beginning of last year. Since then, Ali has attended every convention and meeting she could and that same passion continues to grow with each new JSA experience.

Outside of JSA, Ali loves photography, going to disneyland (her favorite place), and spending time with her family and friends. She also trains in Musical Theater both in and out of school, and is intrigued with the idea of politics & art and how the two go hand in hand. When not performing in “commercial” theater, she uses her theatrical skills to spread awareness of current events both in and out of our country.




Adam Al‐Nihmy, Chapter Coordinator

28547346914_4d0901977b_oAdam Al‐Nihmy, one of your current JSA Chapter Coordinators, is currently a junior at Glendale High School in Glendale, California. After his first and successful Fall State, Adam found a passion in civil duty and debate, privileges that were nurtured by none other than Junior State.

In the two full years of being an active member of the organization, Adam has attended a total of six AR conventions, as well as a plethora of ‘One‐Days’ and other JSA related events. Having a deep interest in the cultivation of not only each Chapter, but rather JSA as a larger entity, Adam has ventured in Junior State leadership positions, such as the one he currently holds.

Aside his commemorations to JSA, Adam likes to spend time playing his saxophone or bass drum as well as swimming and playing water polo in his school team. He can also be found in the ASB room, volunteering at NYLF: Medical, and interning at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles or his local law firm.




Analaura Amezquita, Chapter Coordinator

29135676416_cac497cda4_oAnalaura Amezquita is currently a junior at Whittier High School. She started getting involved in JSA when she was in 10th grade, where she realized that it is important to be politically aware and to voice her opinions, even if she stood alone in what she thought. JSA made her feel accepted and like she had a place where she could truly be herself.

Recently, she attended the JSA Summer School at Stanford and took AP Macroeconomics. She became the permanent moderator for section (Section A), and her enthusiasm to be a more involved member of SoCal JSA increased.

Outside of JSA, she is involved in her school as the first ever student president in the PTSA. When she’s not there, she volunteers for her community in Activate Whittier, an organization that helps to reduce obesity rates in the city of Whittier. In 2016, she was selected as a Float Rider for the Rose Parade in the Kaiser Permanente Float, was recognized as a Cool Kid for ABC 7, and was also one of Assembly member Ian Calderon’s Distinguished Women of the 57th Assembly District for 2015. During her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, running, and listening to any type of music (yes, even country).

Analaura is thrilled and honored to serve in this year’s cabinet as Chapter Coordinator and to get to know many wonderful people who she is sure will change her life for the better.




Olivia Rybus, Chapter Coordinator

28881719970_c25e46d85e_oOlivia Rybus is a rising junior at Orange County School of the Arts. She joined JSA at the beginning of her sophomore year as she was immediately inspired by the intense passion and dedication of this organization. She currently serves as the Secretary for her OCSA chapter. Olivia feels that JSA gives young people an incredible outlet to share their ideas and opinions. Outside of JSA, she loves being involved in various service projects, Girl Scouts, student leadership, musical theater performances, eating sushi and spending time with her friends. Olivia looks forward to a fantastic year on the Southern California Cabinet!




Rinah Reysen, Chapter Coordinator

28881718850_17ed35b4dc_oRinah Reysen is a junior enrolled at the Orange County High School of the Arts. She joined her school’s JSA Chapter at the beginning of sophomore year, and has been an active participant ever since. She is very excited to work alongside her fellow cabinet members to give back to JSA during her time as a Chapter Coordinator. Outside of JSA, Rinah volunteers at her local police station as well as the library with a goal of helping the community. She also enjoys binge‐watching investigative shows on Netflix. She is looking forward to serving as a Chapter Coordinator, and to another great year of JSA.





Misha Davari, Chapter Coordinator

28881699830_f41a2d32a0_oMisha is a junior at University High School in Irvine. She joined JSA her sophomore year and has developed an interest in JSA ever since. Apart from JSA, Misha volunteers at Turtle Rock Community Park in Irvine. She has a deep passion for the arts, including music and photography. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, playing with her dog, playing the guitar, and watching various television shows on Netflix. Misha is very excited to continue her JSA adventure this year and is ecstatic to be serving as a Chapter Coordinator for the organization.





Raymar Lagos, Chapter Coordinator

28881719380_a843d37aa8_oRaymar Lagos is a junior at John Marshall High School. When attending his first JSA event during his freshman year, Raymar, although having no prior JSA experience, felt at home thanks to the ardor and friendliness the members and the organization itself radiated. Raymar has since then attended multiple state conventions, and would take extreme measures to learn more about what’s going on in the world around him. Outside of JSA, Raymar is soon to volunteer at his mother’s hospital, be a part of his school’s tennis team, and join other clubs. In his free time, Raymar likes to watch movies, shop, and eat. Raymar is excited to be serving as Chapter Coordinator and to finally show how much passion and dedication he has for JSA.




Joann Song, Chapter Coordinator

28547333004_abe3a94900_oJoann Song is a junior at Crescenta Valley High School. She has been involved with JSA since her freshman year. Having served as a chapter coordinator last year as well, she is excited to be part of cabinet again. Outside of JSA, Joann is dedicated in writing about community involvement for her local newspapers. In her free time, she enjoys reading sci‐fi and hanging out with her friends. She would like to give a memorable JSA adventure to others.