Channel Islands Region


Sophie Thompson, Mayor

29135663136_956f85ca30_oSophie Thompson is a senior at Dos Pueblos High School. Since joining the Junior State, Sophie has attended six state conventions as well as the the JSA summer school program at Princeton University. Through each of these experiences, Sophie’s love for JSA has grown and she has been able to connect deeply with JSA. This last year Sophie served as Co‐president at Dos Pueblos High School as well as a Director of Expansion. She is very excited to be serving this year as the Channel Islands Region’s Mayor. Outside of JSA, Sophie is involved with her school’s Varsity Sailing team, usherettes club, and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. For fun Sophie enjoys swimming, Scuba diving, writing, and spending time with the CIR Groupies.




Max Sweeney, Vice Mayor

29135662576_7f58753ae4_oMax is a junior at Garden Street academy. Being assigned Chapter President sparked his involvement in JSA. After a year of debating and attending conventions Max was elected Vice Mayor of the Channel Islands Region. Outside of JSA, Max enjoys creating music, playing guitar and bass, whilst playing on his school’s Volleyball team.







Adara Balabanow, Director of Internal Affairs

29091104281_309ec6eae5_oAdara Balabanow is currently a sophomore at Garden Street Academy and has been engaged in JSA from the onset of her freshman year. Adara currently serves as the Channel Islands Region Director of Internal Affairs as well as assembly representative for her chapter. Apart from JSA, Adara occupies herself with competing on her school’s robotics team and varsity volleyball team, along with playing piano, and volunteering with the Uffizi Order’s justice program and the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. During her free time she loves to watch Doctor Who and spend time with friends and family. Adara is excited at the prospect of another productive and gratifying year of growth and intellectual commerce and is honored to serve on the 2016‐2017 CIR cabinet.




Jeanette Fantone, Director of Publicity and Technology

29091103861_8d07654c45_oJeanette Fantone is a junior at Carpinteria High School and entering her third year of JSA as her chapter’s vice president. This 2016 summer, she attended the UCLA Burd Institute of Media and Politics, where she discovered her deeper passion for the program and the people involved in it. Aside from JSA, she acts as president for her school’s Film Production Club, works as a graphic designer and reporter for her school’s yearbook staff, and plays on both varsity tennis and track. She is pursuing movie‐making, marketing, and animation, and hopes to leave a lasting impact through these mediums. Jeanette is very excited for this upcoming JSA year and is looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.




Jack McKenna, Director of Debate

29169034585_f8d4919853_oJack McKenna is a junior attending Dos Pueblos High School. He found his love for JSA after attending his first convention in his sophomore year. Ever since, he has dedicated himself to the organization, becoming part of chapter and regional cabinet, and attending the 2016 JSA DNC presidential election symposium. As CIR director of debate, Jack hopes to introduce topics which engage students in fruitful, intellectual, and respectful debates that effectively challenge both side’s views. Outside of JSA, Jack swims competitively, interns for local political campaigns, and is the president of the Dos Pueblos High School Democrats. This year, he hopes to leave a lasting impression on JSA.




Gabriel Odell, Events Coordinator

Gabriel is a Sophomore at Garden Street Academy. Although he doesn’t have a position in his chapter, he is still motivated and hardworking. After an illustrious start to his JSA career, attending all the conventions, including all the thought‐talks and debates held by his school. Then elected as the events coordinator for the Channel Islands Region, Gabriel was already making waves as a Freshman. Gabriel is involved in numerous athletics programs within his school, as well as playing competitively with his friends outside of school. One of several possible career paths that Gabriel is considering, is game development, allowing him to explore his creativity and design skills, as well as furthering his interests in computer architecture and programming.

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