Patrick Aimone, Governor

Patrick Aimone is a senior at Servite High School. He has been a part of JSA since his freshman year when he was introduced to JSA by two avid seniors. He was quickly enamored with the unique opportunities JSA offers at the intersection of political engagement and student leadership, and how it allows students to put their voice to purpose.

Since then, Patrick has had the opportunity to attend eleven overnight conventions, as well as Georgetown Summer School and the Montezuma Leadership Summit, which helped him broaden his horizons and learn more about JSA nationwide. Having served as the Servite chapter president, the SER Director of Debate, and the state Director of Debate, he looks forward to leading the Southern California Junior State into a new year full of heightened levels of discussion, activism, and engagement.

Outside of JSA, Patrick participates in Lincoln-Douglas debate and community service. These days, he can be found agonizing over his Common App essay, playing Frisbee, or making puns.



Max Sweeney, Lieutenant Governor


Max Sweeney is a senior at Garden Street Academy. He decided to join JSA halfway through his freshmen year, eager to see if the conventions would live up to their ballyhoo. At that year’s Winter Congress he witnessed passionate speakers debate on a wide range of topics and fell in love the open and accepting atmosphere.

Since Winter Congress 2015, Max has become a dedicated leader in his chapter, attending conventions, and participating in JSA campaigns and summer programs. This year Max is excited to focus on expanding the scholarship program, supporting chapters of all sizes and strengthening civic engagement among the youth of Southern California.

Outside of JSA, you’ll likely find Max singing, playing his guitar, practicing kung fu, shooting hoops (missing most), listening to reggae or walking his generically named dog, “Sparky.” One thing you won’t find him doing is eating pineapple on pizza. Max would love to hear from you and is eager to continue the fun in this coming year.



Adam Cohen, Speaker of the Assembly

Adam Cohen is a senior at Tarbut V’ Torah. He has been a part of JSA since his freshman year. At first, he was taken aback by the welcoming community in JSA and the delegations eagerness to advocate for their positions on important social issues. Over time he became intrigued by the unique opportunities JSA had to offer and how it would allow youth to voice their opinions on any issue they felt passionate about.

Adam has attended 11 overnight conventions. He takes pride in having been apart of state cabinet for two years previous as a Chapter Coordinator and as Speaker Pro-Tempore. Serving this year as head of the advocacy department and assembly, Adam looks forward to enhancing delegates eagerness to debate their passions, become active in their communities, and their need to create the change they want to see in their nation.

Outside of JSA, Adam works at a fluorescent microscopy lab at University of California, Irvine. When not hard at work at lab or on his college essays, Adam enjoys playing the piano, reading interdisciplinary books about philosophy and science, and binge-watching a show on Netflix.



Eleanor Halloran, Chief of Staff


Eleanor is a senior at Harvard-Westlake school. She first became involved with her school’s JSA chapter in her freshman year, after hearing about it from a friend at another school. She joined a chapter with three active members, and over her years she worked to bring that up to about twenty active members, and she hopes for even more growth during her final year of high school. Eleanor has served on cabinet since her sophomore year, first as regional Director of Debate, and then as Director of Moderators, and while she still harbors a soft spot for debate, she is ready to help every department on cabinet be the best it can be as Chief of Staff.

While Eleanor spends much of her time on JSA, and prides herself on attending as many conventions and one days as possible, she also occasionally does other things. Outside of JSA she participates in quiz bowl, improv, and the GSA at her school, and she volunteers doing phone banking for the ACLU. She works as a babysitter, and as a camp counselor during the summers, and she loves spending time with children. During her small smidges of free time after all her extracurriculars and school and work, she enjoys watching political dramas like Madam Secretary and the West Wing, baking delicious treats, and cooking healthy vegetarian dinners. Eleanor is thrilled to spend the next year working with everyone on cabinet, and working for everyone in JSA.



Ani Ghazarian, Ombudsman

29169031915_98941b8703_oAni Ghazarian is a junior at Pilibos Armenian School. She reluctantly signed up for JSA as a freshman to see what the hype was all about. Little did she know she would be welcomed into the most open-minded and brilliant group of young adults she had ever met. Her feelings of reluctance for the organization were quickly transformed into a true passion, as she attended numerous conventions, one-days, and other JSA events.

Beyond the JSA environment, Ani is an avid reader and writer, with a specific love for historical fiction novels. Her penchant for traveling around the world inspires most of her writing. You can find Ani leading her Boy Scout troop with great excitement every single Sunday, as well as giving tours as a docent at the Stuart Haaga Gallery of Descanso Gardens. Ani has a soft spot for classical ballets, loves listening to Coldplay, and her role model is Audrey Hepburn.

Ani is excited to serve JSA and hopes to be the bridge between cabinet and all other members; she is always available for any questions or concerns.




Yvonne England, Program Director

Yvonne England joined The Junior Statesmen Foundation in 2016 and the Southern California Program Director. Before joining JSA she worked with President Obama’s reelection campaign as a Staging Location Director for the Riverside office. She also worked for three years in the non-profit world in fundraising, community development, and youth engagement.

Yvonne received her Master’s Degree from California State University, Fullerton in American Studies and wrote her thesis, titled A Punk Practice: The Development of Punk Political Activism from 1979 – 2004, on the rise of youth political activism in the punk rock scene. She also has two BAs from the University of California, Riverside in History and English.

Yvonne grew up in the Southern California area as a punk rock kid going to punk rock shows. She has two awesome cats, a dog, and a loving partner who is kinda famous on the internet.

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