Fall State Orange County 2015 – Press Release

Keynote speaker Rep Mimi Walters speaking about the start of her political career

Keynote speaker Rep Mimi Walters speaking about the start of her political career

November 21st, 2015 Irvine, CA On Saturday, November 21st, over 500 student delegates from all around Southern California poured into the doors of the Irvine Marriott to participate in the first of the year and much-anticipated debate convention for the Junior State of America: Fall State Orange County. At the convention, students not only attended various debates, thought talks, and workshops geared toward understanding the complexity and development of the American Dream since its theorization in the early American political sphere, but also heard from Mimi Walters, congressional representative of the 45th district.  


Lieutenant Governor Nima Mozhgani addressing the delegation of students at opening session.

The Southern California Junior State also completed its roll out of the new “JSApp,” which was historic for the nation’s largest student run organization, as it was not only the first successful use in an Orange County convention, but it also signified the necessity to be green,  paired with ideals of technological innovation via mobile technology. “Riveting honestly,” commented student leader Gabriel Morris on his experience, being the organization’s National Director of Summer School on only his second year as an active member. “I was able to not only delve into the issues that pertained to me, but also the issues that pertained to my future, my family, and the dream I hope to someday achieve, if it’s even still there.” When speaking to Shivani Jain from the Irvine High School chapter, she said “ I never felt comfortable in my own skin or knew what I wanted to do with her life until I joined JSA. I’m very upset that I joined JSA so late but Fall State was a great way to kick off my last year being apart of this organization.” Along with the opinions of new members, Corey Elder, SoCal JSA’s Speaker of the Assembly, had this to say about his seventh and final fall state, “ It was phenomenal. An excellent end to the long list of Fall State’s that I have experienced in my four years of JSA. Theconvention had a high general excitement with a great amount of political knowledge to match.”


For more information, please contact Zena Khesbak at zkhesbak@socal.jsa.org or visit www.jsa.org.  The Junior State of America (JSA) was created in 1934 to promote political awareness, encourage civic engagement, and to uphold democracy. Since its founding, JSA has grown to become the largest student run national organization with more than 500,000 student members who have become active, informed citizens through JSA. JSA is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) educational organization. © 2015 JSA

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